Premio Tradition


The Premio Tradition

In the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius in southern Italy’s Campania region, you’ll find the beautiful city of Napoli (what the rest of us call Naples). It’s a place where hearty, mouth-watering food is a shared passion and time-honored tradition. It’s also the home of our founder’s family.

So, it’s not at all surprising that Premio Italian Sausage still continues that tradition by using a recipe which has been handed down in our family from generation to generation. In fact, we’ve been passionately making sausage – using only select, quality cuts of pork carefully blended with a secret mixture of fine imported spices – for more than 40 years. And you’ll find that passion reflected in every tantalizing taste.

Over the years, people have asked us what the name Premio means. It’s Italian for prize or reward. Which is exactly what you can expect from our Italian sausage: prize-winning taste and a rewarding meal for you and your family.

"Hi, I'm Marc Cinque, President of Premio Foods, INC. Our family is committed to providing your family with quality meal options each and every day. But our commitment doesn't end there.

At Premio, we have worked tirelessly to maintain the four pillars of family owned businesses of yesteryear - a commitment to quality, a commitment to our customers, a commitment to our employees and a commitment to our community.

We take great pride in our product and appreciate your business, and will never take either for granted.

Please take a few minutes to visit other sections of our website to discover some delicious recipes, to shop, or to learn more about who we are. Thank you."







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