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  • Sweet Sausage Cabbage Rolls
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    Sweet Sausage Cabbage Rolls



    • 1-medium size head of cabbage
    • 1-cup medium grain white rice
    • 2-chicken bouillion cubes
    • 3-lb Premio sweet italian sausage-taken out of casing
    • 2-tsp salt
    • 2-tsp black pepper
    • 4-12 oz cans tomato soup

    How to make Sweet Sausage Cabbage Rolls:

    The night before making the rolls,freeze the whole head of cabbage.  Next morning defrost in a strainer in the sink.  Cut out core and the leaves just come right off the head.  Set aside take 3 cups cold water and bring to a boil, add rice and bouillion and reduce heat and cook on low 15 minutes covered.  Meanwhile in a bowl add the sausage meat, salt and black pepper.  When rice is cooked cool about 20 minutes then add to the Premio Sweet/Mild Italian Sausage mixture and mix well.  Now lay out the cabbage leaves and fill them with a tbsp of filling.  As you fill each on roll very tight and tuck in the ends like an egg roll.  When all the rolls are are filled, place them in a pressure cooker and cover them with tomato soup, add 1/2 can water.  Cover and cook on high when the top starts giggling turn down to low. Cook a total of 1 hour.  Serves 6 people.


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