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About Us: Community

Community Involvement

Here at Premio, we’re known for the many delicious varieties of sausage we make, from spicy to sweet and everything in between. But did you know we’re also passionate and excited about the work we do to give back to our community as a whole?

We take our position as a community partner very seriously, and while that means we’re committed to stocking the grocery store shelves with our yummy sausages, it means more than that, as well. It means we’re committed to performing community service and playing an active role in improving life for the valuable members of our neighborhood, our state, our country and our planet. It means that we feel it’s our responsibility and privilege to give back to the community that has given so much to us.

So today, we want to take a little time to share some of the projects we’ve been working on and some of the ways we’ve been serving our community. Because whether the question is sausage, family, friendship or community involvement, Premio is the answer!

Community Food Bank of New Jersey & Check-Out Hunger Program

Community Food Bank of New Jersey & Check-Out Hunger Program

This annual drive is a cause that’s close to our hearts here at Premio, which is why we’re the state sponsor of Check-Out Hunger. To help promote donations and encourage consumers like you to give, we even run a yearly contest on our social media page and website, with all the proceeds going to support the drive.

Boys and Girls Clubs of New Jersey

Boys & Girls Clubs of New Jersey

Maybe you’ve heard of Boys and Girls Clubs already. They aren’t a new idea and have been around for over a century, working to shape future generations through supporting kids. Boys and Girls Clubs are designed to provide safe spaces for kids of all ages to play, learn and grow together, through exploring their interests and passions, learning new skills, making friends and finding great role models to look up to.

Walk to Defeat ALS in Saddlebrook, New Jersey

This is a cause that’s especially close to our hearts here at Premio, as we gather together to sponsor this event with Walk to Defeat ALS in memory of one of our founders, Steven Cinque. Steven and his brother Marc are responsible for building the foundation for the company Premio has become today. Sadly, Steven lost his battle with ALS in 2009. We strive to honor his memory and legacy by giving back to our community and raising money to help others suffering from the same disease.

Additional Community Involvement

Additional Community Involvement

While organizations like the Community Food Bank and the Boys and Girls Clubs and events like the Walk to Defeat ALS and Check-Out Hunger may be some of our largest and most influential projects, our community outreach isn’t limited to just those outlets. There are a variety of other organizations, groups and events that we regularly donate to in the form of money and free product.

Messages From the Community

As much as we enjoy working with the community, however, it isn’t ultimately about our enjoyment. What’s most important is that the people we serve have benefitted from us. While there is still much more work to do, we feel we have made great strides in many different areas in this regard. But don’t take our word for it — take it from the people themselves.

Quote From Annual Knight of Columbus Army Tank Pull

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When you purchase Premio products, you aren’t just getting delicious sausage — you’re also helping us support these and other organizations as they work to improve the lives of millions in our community, state and world. Shop and learn more about our full selection of sausages today.