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How to Make Foil Dinners

Whether you're preparing a barbecue for friends and family or whipping up some delicious grilled favorites for a weeknight dinner, grilling and cooking meals can take time and preparation. Fortunately, there's a quick, easy and mess-free way to prepare grilled delicacies that will leave your ingredients tender and juicy. What's the secret? Use foil packaging to wrap up a delicious blend of veggies, spices and protein. Read our step-by-step guide on how to make a foil packet dinner your family and friends will love. 

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6 Types of Different Rice Recipes

Rice is a staple for many families, thanks to its quick and easy preparation. When looking for a simple side dish, we often turn to rice, and by using it so often, we need to find some new ways to add a little extra pizzazz to classic rice meals. Fortunately, there are different types of rice recipes you can try out to make your dishes more flavorful and delicious. Get ready to say goodbye to the same old rice recipes with our helpful guide.

6 Unique Rice Recipes From Premio

Are you looking for some unique ways to flavor rice? We got you covered. Check out our list of six unique and interesting rice recipes to add some extra flavor and pizzazz ...
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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether it's your first time hosting Thanksgiving or you'd like to make things easier this year, you need a plan to make it the best Thanksgiving yet. While you and your family may have some traditions, if they bring you more stress than joy, you may want to find ways to simplify them. The result will be a truly enjoyable Thanksgiving that'll make you actually look forward to next year's turkey day. This guide will help you plan your table setting, sides and desserts to help you have everything under control this Thanksgiving. Plus, you'll find a few recipes to help you outline your menu with simple, delicious bites. Learn more about how to plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner so you can focus on being thankful.

10 Tips on How to Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner With Dessert...

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Sausage Product Statistics in the U.S.

Everyone loves to eat sausage, whether it’s by itself or crumbled up and added to a delicious recipe. You might even think you know a great deal about the different types of sausage out there. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself how much do you really know about the sausage industry itself? In case you think there isn’t much to know, think again! Do you know how big the sausage industry is? Where is it experiencing growth? What are the latest trends and newest flavors? What are the most popular varieties out right now? We think there’s plenty to learn about when it comes to topics like these. That’s why, today, we want to spend a little bit of time talking about them. We’ll answer these questions and more. By doing this, we hope to place your passion for sausage, and ours, i...
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father and son cooking

The Health Benefits of Eating Meat

The number of healthy eating tips and dieting ideas has risen and the focus on a healthy and nutritional diet has greatly increased over the past few decades. A Nielsen survey that polled over 30,000 individuals online suggests consumer mindset about healthy foods has shifted, and they are ready to pay more for products that claim to boost health and weight loss. The U.S. population is becoming more and more concerned with eating healthy. While some are doing it to lose weight, others are concerned about living a long and healthy life. With constant advancements in technology and knowledge, the ever-changing list of healthy and unhealthy food c...
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Ultimate Grilling Season Checklist

As the weather gets warmer, you may already be dreaming of cooking outdoors and enjoying some delicious food with friends and family. While it's hard to think of a better summer activity than a cookout, planning one can be a bit overwhelming. Going into grilling season with a game plan will help you be prepared for big weekend barbecues and quick weeknight dinners alike. This ultimate grilling season checklist will go over the seven essential categories of items you need to host a successful cookout. Keep reading to learn which grilling tools, cooking gadgets, ingredients and other supplies you need to stock up on to ensure this grilling season goes off without a hitch.

1. Grilling Essentials


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Tips for Throwing a BBQ on a Budget

Summertime is here, which means it's time to get ready for a classic summer food event: a BBQ! Throwing a BBQ for your family and friends is a staple of summertime, and we've got the best cheap BBQ ideas for you to wow your guests with fantastic food, drinks and atmosphere. So, put on your apron, dust off that grill and get ready to host a delicious and affordable BBQ for your friends and family.

1. Plan Ahead

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How to Cook Breakfast on a Budget

By now, most of us understand just how important the first meal of the day can be. Not only does it give us the fuel to power through the morning, but it can jumpstart the metabolism and set the tone for healthier eating. Best of all, breakfast can be amazingly affordable! If you regularly skip breakfast or try to eat as little as possible to save money, rethink your wake-up possibilities. Breakfast on even a tight budget is easy to pull off, especially when you follow a few helpful tips. 1. Use Leftovers From the Night Before Did you make a meal the night before that included some sauteed vegetables or cut-up raw veggies? Put a few of your leftovers in a separate container. Then, use them to make some affordable sausage recipes such as 


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how to tell if your sausage is cooked

How Can You Tell If Your Sausage Is Cooked Correctly?

It's a weekend morning, and you're standing at the stove, cooking up delicious breakfast sausage. You notice the meat is brown, and it smells great, but is it done?  It can be difficult to know for sure when your sausage is done, but you want to make sure it is before you serve it to your family. Here are some tricks and tips you can use to tell if your sausage is cooked completely. 

Can Color Tell You If Sausage Is Cooked?

While color can help you decide if your sausage is done, it's not a reliable indicator on its own. There is a large percentage of fat in sausage. The fat cooks faster than the actual meat conten...
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Sausage Leftovers? Try These Recipes and Tips

Sometimes, a recipe calls for fewer sausage links or ground meat than came in the package. What can you do with the leftover sausages, aside from freezing them in a safe, airtight storage bag or container? You have plenty of nifty, thrifty options when it comes to figuring out what to do with extra uncooked or cooked sausages. In fact, you might be surprised at how versatile sausages can be as unexpected add-ins.

Fast, Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Sausage

No matter what kind of sausage you have on hand — including varieties like andouille, chorizo, or bratwurst — know that you have options. Here are some of our favorite recipes and tips for making the most of your leftover sausage:
  • Cook the sausage meat leftovers immediately. If you have more sausage ...
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