Premio Sausage® Receives Highest Honor Set by Women for Outstanding Customer Experience

Premio Sausage® Receives Highest Honor Set by Women for Outstanding Customer Experience Recognized with the Women’s Choice Award® for 2017 as 9 out of 10 Customer Recommended Italian Sausage FAIR LAWN, NJ – SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 The Women’s Choice Award, known as the trusted referral source for women, is delighted to honor Premio Sausage® for earning the 2017 Women’s Cho... Read more
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Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Week

Come Sunday we’re all left asking, “Where did the time go?” as we get ready for another busy week. Make-ahead recipes can save you time when you’re hustling Monday through Friday. The question is, what meals do you make, and what tricks can make the process that much easier? Our five meal prep tips here to help! Check them out below.

Create a List

We rely on grocery lists — even more so when we’re doing make-ahead recipes. That means calculating just how much tomatoes, sausage or other ingredients you’ll need to make enough meals for the week. A go-to rule for meal prep lists is to double your bigger items, like your produce and meats, and not your seasonings and spices as your taste buds will dictate just how much hot sauce that chili really needs. ... Read more

Strategies to Make Your Next Tailgate a Success

Nothing beats fall: pumpkin spice everything, crisp air, beautiful leaves and, best of all, tailgating. It’s the perfect way to spend time with friends and family before catching the game. Score the winning touchdown at your next tailgate with our best tailgating ideas and tips.   Gather Your Friends and Family Tailgating is all about bonding with family, friends and fellow fans of your favorite team. If you go tailgating often, you likely already have your regular crew. If it’s your first time, reach out to other fans of your team in your social circle. When deciding who to invite, consider people with similar styles of tailgating. If you love to be active, have a lot of fun, make some noise and drink a few cold ones, you probably won’t enjoy hanging o... Read more
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5 Easy After-School Recipes

School’s back in session, which means the return of prepping after-school meals. So, what’s on the menu? If you’re at a loss for what to make this week, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of great, quick sausage recipes that’ll satisfy your hunger and your kids. Check out five of our favorite easy after-school recipes below:

The Out-Of-Bounds Burrito

Keep your kids full and focused on their homework with The Out-Of-Bounds Burrito. Ingredients include:

Tips to Prepare Food in Advance for Parties

Food is a major component of any party, but it also takes a lot of time to cook several dishes for all of those guests. Make-ahead meals for entertaining can streamline the process by letting you tackle most of the food prep in the days leading up to the big event. With our simple party prep tips, you’ll be well on your way to stress-free hosting, no matter what type of party you throw.   Plan Your Party Menu Planning your menu well in advance keeps you organized and gives you the chance to figure out what you can do ahead of time. When you prepare food in advance for parties, easy dishes are the best options. Choose recipes that are quick to make with minimal ingredients. Fewer ingredients mean less measuring and prepping, so you can get your food done fa... Read more
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Cooking Sausage 101

Summer fairs may be over, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy a traditional Italian sausage sandwich topped with onions and peppers. Toss in a snow cone or ice cream for dessert, and it’s like an evening at your local fair. Now that you’ve got dreams of sausages dancing in your head, how do you make them come true? Get started with our four tips for cooking up some real Italian sausage.

1. Choose Your Cooking Method

You know what’s wonderful about sausage? It can meet your cooking mood. Don’t feel like using the stovetop? Not a problem. Can’t grill because of the rain? No worries. With sausage, you’ve got three great cooking options:
  • Grill: A grilled traditional Italian sausage is something to behold — and... Read more

Ways to Clean up After Your Cookout in No Time

Summer and cookouts go hand-in-hand, but inviting guests over for grilling comes with a lot of prep work, including cleaning. When the party disperses, you still have lots of cleanup work to do. Instead of spending your whole night tidying up, think strategically to minimize messes. With our 13 party cleanup tips, you can tackle the barbeque cleanup quickly, so you can kick up your feet and relax.
  1. Start With a Clean Space
One of the best cookout cleanup tips is to start with a clean house. Your home looks great when your guests arrive, and you have less to do after the part... Read more

Premio Foods Acquires Local NJ Sausage Company

Premio continues its expansion with acquisition of Appetito Provision Co., Inc.

FAIR LAWN, NJ – 18-May-2017 – Premio Foods, Inc. has announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of Appetito Provision Co., Inc., located in Union City, NJ, effective May 12, 2017. “One of Premio’s business strategies continues to be the pursuit of new business acquisition opportunities – those that are consistent with our business interests and present prospects for growth and profitability. I am pleased to report that we have been successful in identifying such an opportunity.” - Marc Cinque, President of Premio Foods, Inc. Headquartered in Hawthorne, NJ, Premio Foods has been passionately making fine Italian sausage for over four decades. The acquisition ... Read more