Guide to Buying Sausage: What to Look For

Everyone loves a delicious sausage meal. From sausage pizzas and sausage burgers to sausage soups and salads, there's always something mouthwatering to dish up when you have real Italian sausage in your kitchen. But, the best meals come only from the best sausage. When you're cooking, sauteing and grilling all your favorite sizzling sausage dishes, you want to make sure you use only the most high-quality, all-natural, delicious materials you can find. Not sure how to tell the best sausage from the less-than-ideal options? Follow these four tips to know what to look for when you're shopping for meat.

Buy Fresh Sausage

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Hot and Spicy Recipes

Summer is here again, and in the heat of the sun and the blush of the season, you might be craving delicious dishes with an equally hot finish to savor on those warm summer nights and complement your refreshing salads and sides. When spicy is what you're looking for, creative and traditional sausage recipes with hot Italian sausage are the perfect way to go. Try these four hot and spicy sausage recipes for a fiery summer meal.

Cheesy Spicy Chili Sausage Dip

Looking for a fun way to turn up the heat? Try our tempting Cheesy Spicy Chili Sausage Dip at your parties, picnics and other summer gatherings. To begin, preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Remove your Premio Hot Italia... Read more

Healthy BBQ Swaps

When summer arrives with its long days, blazing sun, picnics, parties and beach bashes, there's nothing more satisfying than ending your days with some hearty barbeque in the company of family, friends and neighbors. Whether you're hosting or attending graduation parties, 4th of July blowouts, neighborhood potlucks and picnics, backyard beach-themed get-togethers or other warm-weather gatherings, it's hard to avoid the convenience, tradition and tempting tastes of a well-grilled meal. But, no matter how much fun you have socializing and snacking, all that barbeque food isn't always the healthiest option. If you want to enjoy your summer picnics and parties while also swapping out some favorite barbeque picks for healthier alternatives, these five nutritious barbeque swaps are sure to... Read more

Throwing a Beach Party in Your Backyard

Summer is here to stay for a while — and when the sun is hot and the days are long, you'll find yourself daydreaming about the golden sand, crashing waves and crisp, salty water of the beach. There's nothing you and your family enjoy more in the summer than spending a week, a weekend or even a day down by the ocean, building sandcastles, sunbathing, splashing in the water and enjoying boardwalk food — but not every summer offers the opportunity for a beach getaway.

Tips for Your Backyard Beach Party

Maybe you're too busy with work, or a vacation isn't in the budget, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some beachy summer fun right at home. This summer, bring the beach to your backyard by throwing a themed party complete with fresh water, beach games and deli... Read more

How to Clean Your Grill

With summer in the air, picnics on our schedules and barbeque on the mind, there's nothing better to do for dinner than fire up the grill and cook up some satisfying summer dishes like delicious burgers, hardy hot dogs and authentic Italian sausage. When you're spending the summer with your grill out for parties, casual occasions, family gatherings and more, you should make sure it's properly cleaned to ensure the fresh taste, high quality and safe preparation you expect with every meal. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring your grill is squeaky clean and good to go all summer long.

How Often To Clean Your Grill

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Bring on the Burgers

Hungry anyone? When you're a food-lover, hearty eater and appreciator of traditional taste, there's nothing quite like a quality burger to satisfy your stomach, tantalize your taste buds and bring back memories of the years you've spent biting into this American classic. Whether you're at a beachside barbeque or a gourmet cafe, burgers seem perfect for every situation — but why keep it simple? This summer, try some tasty new takes on your favorite American meal by spicing up your burgers by grilling sausage, peppers and other flavorful additions. Your taste buds won't know what hit them. Here are four of our favorites.

Chef Capon's Premio Sausage and Pepper Burger

Love the Italian-style taste of sausage and peppers? Now you can savor it in burger form. Ou... Read more

How to Throw the Best 4th of July Bash

Summer is here again, and it's bringing back all our favorite things — beach days, barbeques, sprinklers, sunshine, fireworks and the 4th of July, of course! When you're preparing for the holiday that celebrates independence, patriotic pride and what it means to be American, you want to make sure you have everything you need to make your 4th as festive and fun as possible. Planning an all-out 4th of July bash? Here's a list of four patriotic supplies you need to deck out your backyard and bring out the best spirit for your Independence Day party!

Sparklers and Fireworks

It's not the 4th of July without some sparks! This year, kick off or finish your 4th of July festivities with a bang by delighting your friends, family and neighbors with some at-home fire... Read more

Summer of Salads

The warm, blushing days of June are back, and July and August lay hot ahead. When the sun is blazing in the sky and you dream of long beach vacations and sunbathing in the sand, sometimes the best way to cool off is with a savory summer snack. Just like we savor the warmth and comfort of soothing soup through the cold winter, summer has us craving the refreshing crunch and vivid flavors of a fresh salad. Nothing complements leafy greens and keeps us powered through the high-temperature days like a healthy dose of delicious protein, so add a tasty touch of meat to your salad meals by incorporating real Italian sausage. Not sure where to start? Your summer salad inspiration begins here. Check out our four best Italian sausage recipes for salads to satisfy you all summer long.

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Soaking Up the First Day of Summer

To celebrate the first day of summer, you need an atmosphere that screams "It's Summer!" Set up some sprinklers, get your friends together and plan a picnic or backyard BBQ with dips and dishes featuring Premio sausage. Being active and out in the sun certainly works up an appetite! The first day of summer is on its way, and you know what that means — warm weather, water activities, fun in the sun and friendly neighborhood get-togethers all through June, July and August. When the temperatures spark and the nights have you dreaming of luxurious beach vacations, we recommend celebrating the start of the season right at your own home! To welcome the first day of summer, here are three fun warm-weather activities you can organize yourself.

Setting Up Sprinklers

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Guide to Grilling Meat

Summertime is just around the corner, and with it comes picnics, pool parties, barbeques and one of our favorite outdoor food-related activities: grilling! When you're cooking up your favorite meals for the season — like delicious sausage grilling recipes, you want to make sure you're paying attention to food safety to create fantastic meals that are safe, satisfying and perfect for the summer. Looking for useful grilling tips? From cooking temperatures and cleaning suggestions to information on the shelf life of leftovers and the best grilled sausage recipes, here's your guide to grilling meat.

Suggested Cook Times

When it comes to sizzling sausage, we like our meals hot and golden-brown — but never burnt! Preparing your meat on the grill means paying partic... Read more