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Premio Environmental Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

Premio Foods, Inc. is committed to reducing the environmental impact of process activities by preventing pollution and promoting the sustainability of natural resources, upon which our business depends.  Furthermore, Premio Foods, Inc. is committed to providing quality products that meet the needs of clients, while also committing to the continuous improvement of our environmental responsibilities, and in meeting or exceeding conservation laws and regulations.  All employees are expected to carry out their job obligations and to report any environmental concerns they may have to our internal authorities.  The following are the main sustainability areas upon which we are concentrating our business efforts.

  • Natural resource conservation and energy-use reduction
  • Products/packaging design with environmentally-friendly contents and minimal packaging
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction
  • Efficient distribution and transportation of finish goods
  • Water use reduction
  • Solid waste recycling and reduction
  • Communicate our environmental efforts to consumers, customers and employees

Metrics and continuous improvement initiatives are used to monitor and reduce ingredients and other material losses.

Premio Foods, Inc. has taken steps to reduce the amount of waste that is generated throughout the supply chains.  Executive management has set annual waste performance goals.  In addition, there are daily tracking, trending and engagement of employees regarding goal attainment.

Premio Foods, Inc. does not use Palm Oil as an ingredient in any of its products.

Sustainability: Goals & Targets

Premio Foods, Inc. maintains a revolving list of sustainability projects.  As initiatives are identified, evaluated and prioritized, they are added to the list.  Once implemented, results are validated and programs maintained.  Examples include the following:

Activity Type Description Comments
Energy Efficiency: Building Services Replaced Steam Boiler with Higher Efficiency Boiler Reduced Natural Gas Consumption
Energy Efficiency: Building Services Solar Power Initiative – Manufacturing locations Green Energy Generation
Waste Reduction: Materials Corrugated Reduction Initiative – Reduced amount of Corrugated used in manufacturing by optimizing box sizes Reduction in CO2 Footprint
Waste Reduction: Materials Plastics Reduction Initiative – Reduced amount of plastic packaging used in manufacturing by process innovation Reduction in CO2 Footprint
Energy Efficiency: Process Reduction of Process Equipment Reduced Electrical Energy Consumption

Sustainability: Tracking

Sustainability projects are tracked like productivity capital projects by setting budget and schedule, and managing those metrics.  Weekly review with executive management ensures project progress and completion.

Fair and Ethical Employment

Premio Foods, Inc. ensures fair and ethical employment practices within its operations by distributing Premio’s Handbook and Policy Manual to all employees and managers.  The President empowers the Human Resource department to monitor these conditions and ensure that Premio Foods, Inc. follows all the policies.

Premio Foods, Inc. ensures that our suppliers have fair and ethical employment practices by distributing Supplier Guidelines, which require US Suppliers to meet regulatory guidelines.  Premio Foods, Inc. monitors our Suppliers’ environmental initiatives by requesting that our Suppliers provide information on their sustainability program(s).