Our Testimonials - Premio Foods

Our Testimonials

Thanks for the Memories

I recently purchased a package of your sausage. Imagine my surprise when I smelled the fennel in the sausage. It reminded me of growing up in Brookly where my father always went to an Italian butcher to buy sausage. Thanks for the memories.

- Jo-Ann E.

Premio Sausage is Delicious!

I make my own sauce and add meatballs and sausage to it for flavor. I always bought my sausage at the local meat market. My daughter told me to buy Premio, that it is just better!

I purchased your sausage and fried it today for sandwiches and to add to sauce. It is very good and I really like the flavor. We will keep on enjoying your sausage. Thank you!


- Doris E.

Finally…Chicken Sausages!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been praying you would make chicken sausages and you have. Cannot wait to taste them but I am sure they will be delicious! 

- Mary M.

Chicken Sausage is the Best!

The new chicken sausage is the BEST!!! My kids LOVE it too! 

- Doreen T.

Dear Premio

My family and I are huge fans of your hot and sweet sausage and use them almost daily for one of our meals. I enjoy the recipes on your site and have made many of them over and over again. Thank you for your constant quality in your products!!!

- Immaculata F.

Love Premio!

Excellent Bratwurst and Breakfast Sausages- Well done! I am now your customer.

- Bob V.

Love Premio Sweet Italian Sausage!

I have enjoyed eating your sweet sausage for many years. I either grill them or cook them on the stove. They are always full of flavor and my family loves them, too!

- Josephine Z.

Love Premio Products!

Just wanted to drop a line to say that we love your products!

- Betty M.


Since I moved to Connecticut 15 years ago I have not found any Italian sausage that was even close to what I, along with family, liked when we lived in New York and New Jersey. That is until we discovered Premio Basil and Cheese sausage. It is EXCELLENT!


- Theresa G.

Perfect Premio!

Thank you for always delivering a high quality product that is consistently amazing. I recently had a different brand of sausage due to a sale but I ran back to the store to get Premio as I knew without a doubt, they would be perfect. Thank you for making a product that I can depend on!!

- Stephanie C.