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Where to Buy Fresh Chorizo Sausage

There are few things that smell as great as chorizo while it’s cooking. Whether you’ve thrown it on the grill, under the broiler or in a skillet, chorizo gives off a savory aroma that can make anyone’s mouth water.

While the smell of cooking chorizo is enough to draw family members and friends to the preparation area, any dish that’s made with chorizo will motivate all of your loved ones to be at the dining table well before the next meal is served. But even though chorizo has such captivating mass appeal, not all chorizo is made equally.

When you buy chorizo, not just any product will do. The success of your dish will depend at least in part on the quality of the chorizo you purchase.

Find Chorizo in a Store Near You

Buy Chorizo Sausage From Premio Foods

When you buy chorizo sausage from your local grocer, there’s no guarantee you’re getting the best product available. That is, there’s no guarantee you’re purchasing the best chorizo sausage available unless it bears our name.

Even though select groceries throughout the country carry our premium products, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re readily available in your area. Use our store locator to find our premium chorizo near you!

When you buy chorizo sausage from us, you can be absolutely certain you’re getting the best product available anywhere.

We offer several varieties of chorizo, including:

  1. Salvadorian Chorizo: Flavored with vinegar, paprika and other “secret” spices, this scrumptious chorizo is a delicacy all by itself.
  2. Argentinian Chorizo: Made with the perfect blend of garlic, paprika and other spices, this chorizo is great as a meal on its own or as an ingredient in a recipe that calls for a taste like no other.
  3. Mexican Chorizo: This colorful, bright red sausage is seasoned with the ideal amount of hot paprika and vinegar to yield a taste that’s as unique as it is unforgettable.
  4. Chorizo Sausage: Made with an incomparable blend of chili and garlic, our chorizo sausage will leave everyone wanting more even after they’ve had seconds — and thirds!

Whatever you’re making for dinner tonight, you can make it with the best chorizo available — Premio Foods chorizo! We make ordering chorizo from us so easy, there’s no reason for you to settle for anything but the best chorizo you can get.