Cheesy Premio-Sausage Potato Chowder


How to make Cheesy Premio-Sausage Potato Chowder:

1. In a skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onions and sauté until onions are translucent. Add in the Premio sausage meat. Stir and break apart using a spoon until browned.

2. In a large pot over medium-high heat, combine potatoes, chicken stock and celery; bring to a boil. Reduce to medium heat and simmer for approximately 20 minutes, or until potatoes are tender.

3. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the cooked sausage meat and onions to the pot. Add cream, cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese, while stirring until all ingredients are combined and warm.

4. Sprinkle additional cheddar cheese and green onions to garnish and serve!



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