Premio Sausage BLT on Avocado Bun


2 patties Premio Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage Griller Patties
2 avocados
1/2 medium tomato, cut into thick slices
4 slices bacon
4 pieces of Romaine leaf lettuce
Mayonnaise, amount varies
Black pepper

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How to make Premio Sausage BLT on Avocado Bun:

1. Cook the bacon. Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat. Turn the bacon so it cooks evenly on both sides. Cook it so it’s crispy. When the bacon is done, transfer it to a paper towel-lined plate. Set aside.

2. Cook the sausage according to the instructions on the packaging. When the sausage is finished cooking, set aside.

3. Cut each avocado in half and remove the pits. Peel the skin off of each of the four halves, leaving each half fully intact.

4. Take one half of an avocado and season the inside with salt and pepper. Spread it with the desired amount of mayonnaise, add a patty and cover it with two pieces of Romaine lettuce. Add a slice or two of tomato, then two slices of bacon. Top the sandwich with the other half of the avocado.

5. Repeat step four with the second avocado and the remaining ingredients.

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