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Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

In the aftermath of the holiday season — with all the colorful lights taken down, the Christmas trees gone, the cheerful music no longer playing on the radio and the rest of the cold winter stretching ahead — sometimes it can be easy to let the winter blues begin to take over. In the dark stretch of January and February, it can feel like spring will never come. What can you do to stop feeling blue, stop shivering and bring some warmth and cheer back into your life to get you through the cold?

If you’re looking for the best ways to beat the winter blues, try these ideas to fire up your spirit for the rest of the chilly season.

Chase Adventure

In the dead of winter, we can tend to get out of shape and forget to pursue fun outdoor activities, but just because the sun and heat are in hibernation doesn’t mean there’s not still some adventure to chase.

If you’re feeling cooped up indoors, get back out there and thrill yourself with a new activity like snowboarding, snow tubing or skiing. Not only will it give you something fun to focus on, but also will challenge your body to a healthy dose of exercise and balance coordination — plus, what better way to take advantage of all that snow?

Dance the Night Away

Looking for a less risky way to get active? Why not take the fun indoors and treat yourself to a few sessions of a dance class? Whether you’re taking Zumba, salsa dancing, hip-hop or another style of dance, all the twirling, stepping and moving to the beat will take you far away from the cold, dark winter world outdoors and leave you feeling sunny, spicy and refreshingly energized — and you’ll get back into shape without even realizing you’re exercising. What more fun way could there be to keep away the cold?

Take a Trip

If you can take some time off and spend some savings on a well-deserved trip, one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to invest in a getaway to a faraway, warm destination.

Maybe you’re dying to sit out under the sun in a tropical destination like Hawaii or Bermuda, or perhaps you just need the less dramatic change of the Midwest or the Florida heat. Wherever your heart wants to take you this winter, treat yourself and enjoy some time away to recharge for the rest of the season. It won’t seem so long after you return.

Add Some Spice

Hoping not to spend too much money but still searching for an easy way to ward off the cold and winter blues this season? The simplest way to infuse some warmth back into your life is to add a little spice to your home-cooked meals with ingredients like Premio Hot Italian Sausage. With the perfect blend of flavor and heat, our delicious spice-lovers’ sausage will melt away the frost and take your taste buds to warmer days.

Find our sausage in a store near you and search for the best Italian sausage recipes to spice up your winter right away.

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