October 2017 - Premio Foods


Fall Soups

5 Delicious Soups for Fall

Is there anything more delicious or comforting than a steaming bowl of soup on a crisp autumn day? Soup makes a perfect meal after hours of pumpkin picking with your friends, or as the main course to enjoy while you watch an afternoon football game with family. You can even serve soup as a fast, […] Read more
Game day appetizers

5 Game-Day Appetizers

The football season is in full swing. Whether you love rooting on your favorite pro team or you live for Saturdays when your beloved college alma mater competes, you enjoy spending the weekends with family and friends cheering for your squad to pull out a win. Of course, having amazing appetizers to feed your hunger […] Read more
Chorizo Meals

Change Up Your Meals With Chorizo

You have undoubtedly eaten sausage before, but have you ever tried chorizo? This specialty sausage originated in Spain and later became a favorite food in Mexico. Known for its spiciness, it also comes in a mild, sweeter variety. What are the differences between Spanish and Mexican chorizo, and how can you use it in your […] Read more
Sausage Flavors

Finding Your Favorite Sausage Flavor

Everyone’s palate is different. When it comes to sausage, some like it hot — and some do not. Some people crave sweet sausage, while others prefer more savory flavors. Others love a certain taste, but prefer to eat chicken sausage for health reasons. We’ve got great news — Premio Foods knows no two taste buds […] Read more
winter grilling

Don’t Put Your Grill Away: BBQ Recipes for All Year Long

Most people break out the grill around Memorial Day and tuck it away at the end of summer when the temperatures start to drop. Just think of all those grilled sausages and steaks you miss during the cooler months. You may not lounge around the pool while you BBQ in the winter, but you can […] Read more
Cooking for a large group

Cooking for a Crowd: Best Recipes and Tips

You invited the gang over, but now you’re wondering what to serve everyone. Cooking for large groups can seem overwhelming, but having some go-to easy recipes for large groups makes the job much easier. It means you don’t have to rely on pizza delivery to feed your group. Check out our best recipes for a […] Read more