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Move Night Snacks Besides Popcorn

Movie Night Snacks Besides Popcorn

When you think about movie night, you might immediately picture yourself settling in on your couch with a freshly popped bowl of popcorn. But who says popcorn is the only food you can snack on while watching a movie? Keep your movie night guests on their toes and enhance the overall cinematic experience by switching out the traditional popcorn for some unique movie night food ideas. Whether you're watching a drama, thriller, rom-com or mystery, there's a perfect snack to fit every movie mood. So if you're looking for a movie night snack alternative, keep reading to find 10 cinema snacks that are more exciting than popcorn.

10 Unique Movie Night Snacks That Aren't Popcorn

After having popcorn for the millionth time, your movie night snacking might begin to taste stale. Ther... Read more
sausages with lemon

How to Cut Sausage

Is there a more versatile meat option than sausage? You can incorporate it into just about any meal. Sausage is the perfect addition to any pasta dish, plus it's great as a picnic side or for a summer BBQ. There's plenty of room for creativity when you're working with sausage, too. You can slice it in lots of different ways to enhance the presentation and bring out its delectable flavor.

Four Different Ways to Cut Sausage

Cooking sausage links doesn't have to involve the same old routine every time. Try these different slicing styles to give your sausage some extra flair.

1. Coin Slice

Symmetrical coin slices are aesthetically pleasing and an easy-to-eat addition to any dish. To cut your sausage into coin slices, follow the sausage's preparation instructions. Pl... Read more
Sausage Cooking in Frying Pan

Different Types of Cooking Methods Everyone Should Know

Whether you're starting out in the kitchen or you're a seasoned pro, you may want to add new types of cooking skills to your culinary repertoire. Learning some simple cooking techniques expands the recipes you can tackle and makes cooking new things a breeze. Use this guide to different types of cooking methods to develop new skills and give your family a taste of something unique.

Cooking Techniques Everyone Should Know

There are many ways of cooking that can enhance your creations in the kitchen. Some methods are better for certain meals, while some ingredients work well with almost any type of cooking. No matter what you learn, you can use your new cooking skills often and in a variety of ways. Remember that with any cooking method, you want to heat meat and other foods... Read more
sausage links

How to Cook Brats

Bratwurst is a backyard cookout staple, but how many of us are confident that we know how to cook a good brat? This ultimate bratwurst cooking guide will tell you how to grill brats and how to cook brats on the stove and in the oven, along with some bonus brat-cooking tips. If you want to unlock the mysteries of how long to cook bratwurst and how to flavor them to perfection, read on!

3 Methods to Cook Brats

How long to cook brats depends on which cooking method you choose. Check out the three main techniques below to decide which style you want to try next.

1. Cooking Brats on the Grill

Grilling brats is an effective way to give the meat a robust, smoky flavor. For the best outcome, try to grill your brats slowly over medium-low heat and follow these five steps. ... Read more
Friends cooking pasta

How to Throw an Italian Pasta-Themed Party

Few things in life are more fun than a themed party, and there's no theme better than an Italian pasta party! From the vibrant Italian music to the delicious carbs, a pasta dinner party has it all. Although there are as many pasta party ideas as there are ways to cook pasta, we'll give you our favorite tips for throwing a sensational Italian-themed event. From the pasta party menu to decorations, we've made the ultimate guide to throwing a pasta party fit for Caesar himself.

10 Tips for Throwing an Italian Pasta-Themed Event

Check out our top 10 tips for hosting a pasta party.

1. Invite in Style

Start building your guests' excitement for your event from the moment you announce it by sending out customized Italian-themed invitations. Personalizing your invites do... Read more
Tips for Cooking with Pasta

Tips for Cooking With Pasta

Ever wonder why something as simple as cooking pasta can seem so difficult? The secret is the pasta tips and tricks the standard box instructions don't disclose. So don't distress — although that beautiful al dente noodle may feel impossible to achieve, pasta perfection is attainable! There are lots of pasta cooking myths, so we decided it's time to get to the bottom of them and determine the perfect way to cook pasta once and for all. Keep reading to learn how to make pasta, tips for cooking spaghetti and other pasta and some extra pasta tips and tricks to create a dish that will taste straight from Italy itself.

3 Steps for Cooking Perfect Pasta

The first thing you have to know before learning any other pasta pro tips is to always cook your pasta last. Prepare your sauce... Read more
Ways to Make Scrambled Eggs More Exciting

Ways to Make Scrambled Eggs More Exciting

Scrambled eggs are a quick, easy way to get your day started with a healthy, protein-packed breakfast. But after having plain scrambled eggs morning after morning, you may find yourself wondering what to put in scrambled eggs to make them more exciting. We can't all be eggheads, but this article will tell you how to make eggs taste better and elevate your egg game to a new level. We've put together a list of our 10 favorite tips for making morning scrambled eggs you'll dream about all night.

10 Ways to Make Scrambled Eggs More Exciting

With these clever scrambled egg tips and tricks, you can make every morning egg-citing and egg-stra special. We apologize if those puns made you groan — we knew they'd be a hard shell. OK, we promise to stop cracking<... Read more
couple on a date

At-Home Date Night Ideas

You don't need to make a reservation at a popular restaurant or book tickets for an expensive event to have a great date night. Whether you can't find a sitter or you'd rather enjoy your partner's company in the comfort of your own home, you can still have a romantic date night without leaving the house. If you're looking for some stay-at-home date ideas, we've put together a list of romantic date ideas for an at-home experience sure to wow your partner.

1. Have an Indoor Camp-Out

Take glamping to a whole new level without ever leaving the house. Feel like a kid again by making your living room your campsite. Here are some ideas to make your home date feel like a camp night out:
  • Build a fort in the living room with an inflatable mattress you can share.
  • ... Read more
grilled cheese sandwich

How to Make an Epic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

When you think comfort food, is a grilled cheese sandwich the first thing that comes to mind? With its warm, ooey-gooey cheesy goodness, how could it not be? No matter how old you get, there's nothing like a warm grilled cheese sandwich to nourish the soul. But making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich isn't easy. From selecting the bread base and cheese filling to the grilling itself, making grilled cheese is an art. To help you achieve that elusive perfectly golden grilled cheese, this article will tell you how to make a good grilled cheese sandwich, plus secret insider tricks for taking your grilled cheese from good to unbelievable.

4 Tips for Making the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Follow these four tips to find grilled cheese bliss.

1. Get Bready

Before yo... Read more
Cooking Kabobs Over Grill

Best Foods to Bring Camping

Something about the nostalgia of classic camping foods immediately takes you back to laughing and gabbing around the campfire. Some of the best summertime memories come from sharing a delicious meal with friends and family in the great outdoors. But knowing what food to pack for camping can be tricky because it has to be easy to transport, filling and scrumptious. To make planning your next camping menu a breeze, this article will tell you what food to bring camping, plus some creative camping food ideas for using your ingredients.

Top 20 Foods to Take on Your Camping Trip

Whether you plan on climbing a mountain or lounging by the fire, here are 20 of the best camping food ideas for any outdoor adventure.

1. Bread

As the basis of so many easy meals, bread is a m... Read more