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Slow Cooker Meal

Conquering the Slow Cooker

Imagine having a fool-proof method to cook your favorite meats and dishes while you kick back and relax on the couch. No, you're not dreaming. That device exists — and it's called a slow cooker. If you've ever heard somebody raving about their slow cooker, rest assured they really are all they're hyped up to be. They save you valuable time in the kitchen so that you can focus on what truly matters — eating! They're also hassle-free, which makes them the perfect kitchen accessory for even the most beginner-level chefs. Still not convinced? One of the more significant perks of these appliances is their ability to save money by allowing you to make your own delicious home-cooked meals — what's not to love?

Get the Best Slow Cooker for Your Dollar

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Easter Egg Basket

Egg-cellent Easter Hosting Tips

Are you hosting an Easter bash at your house this holiday season? While throwing any party can be stressful, planning a themed get-together can seem even more demanding. But don’t throw in the towel just yet — we’ve got all of your Easter party tips covered. Be the perfect host and throw an Easter party that’ll have your closest friends and family enjoying a day of fun and festivities with the following tips and tricks:

Plan the Perfect Centerpiece

When you invite guests over for an Easter get-together, it's vital to ensure their first impression of your party is a great one. How can you tie your décor together into a pleasing and admirable aesthetic? By making sure your centerpiece is the perfect Easter accessory! Start off with a basic flower vase or pot and add an Ea... Read more
March Madness Food Ideas

March Madness Munchies

Nothing works up an appetite quite like rooting for your favorite basketball team, especially when it’s March Madness! Whether you're watching the game with your family or are planning a get-together with your coworkers and friends, make sure you kick-start March Madness with a few snacks that offer an ideal addition to any party. It’s no secret that food is often the best part of watching your favorite games on TV. After all, you can’t enjoy a sports game on an empty stomach. Whether your team wins or loses, make sure you have the perfect snacks and dishes that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser all across the board. Check out our list of sausage recipes for tailgating and other parties below:

Double Dribble Hoop Chicken & Sausage Pasta

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honey, coconut oil and red wine

5 Ingredient Swaps for Healthier Meals

The key to healthy eating isn’t giving up on your favorite meals — it’s about finding a nutritious substitute. And who says you have to sacrifice flavor? There are plenty of options you can add to your favorite dishes to boost both the flavor and the nutritional benefits. Don’t let your healthy eating resolution get knocked to the curb! Take a look at our five simple ingredient swaps you can make for a better-for-you meal.


Set the sugar packets aside in the morning and try adding a dash of pure honey to your coffee or tea. Raw honey is overflowing with antioxidants, nutrients and, most importantly, flavor. We'll admit we have a soft spot for sugar, too, but why not opt for honey when you can enjoy the same delicious taste with even more added health benefits? You ... Read more