April 2020 - Premio Foods


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Spring Cleaning for Your Kitchen

Spring is here! That means the curtains are wide, windows are open and the spirit of spring cleaning in the air. With the warm weather afoot, here are some tips to cleaning your kitchen this spring. 1. Clean Out Your Fridge and Freezer It’s time to dive in your refrigerator and deep freezer for all […] Read more
Cooked Sausage Varieties

How to Remove Sausage Casings

What gives your favorite Premio mouthwatering sausage links their familiar, distinctive shape? You can thank the humble, yet essential, sausage casing. Each casing keeps a pre-measured amount of perfectly seasoned meat from losing its tube-like form, allowing you to whip up your favorite sausage recipes like a pro. However, you may sometimes want to remove the sausage casing […] Read more
Sausage on Cutting Board

How to Motivate Yourself to Cook

Preparing your meals at home is healthier and more cost-effective than going out to a restaurant. How do you enjoy cooking when it’s not part of your daily routine? Use these tips to discover how to get inspired to cook. 5 Tips for How to Get an Interest in Cooking Beginning a cooking routine may […] Read more
Cooking Spices

How to Use Spices While Cooking

Spices are used to enhance the taste of food, boost its color and add delectable flavor. Cooking with spices requires a delicate balance. Too much of certain spices can overpower a dish, and too little can leave it tasting bland. Figuring out the perfect spice lineup to bring out a dish’s aroma and flavors is possible when you […] Read more
woman eating comfort food

Top Comfort Foods

Whether you had a long day or you’re missing home, comfort food is a necessity. Good comfort food is like a hug in a bowl, a blanket on a plate. It makes you feel cozy and, typically, very full. But that’s what we love about comfort food, and if it’s been a while since you’ve […] Read more
Ramen with Sausage

5 Quick and Easy Pantry Meals

Pantry meals are simple yet delicious ways to use up whatever you have on hand. You’ll be surprised by what you can prepare with some inspiration and a few tips on how to create simple pantry meals for you and your family. In this guide, we’ve got five quick and easy pantry meals that’ll be […] Read more
sausage and veggies on the grill

Spring Ahead With Healthier Choices

Goodbye, dreary winter, and hello spring! Time to get back into the warm-weather attitude with healthy eating choices. Before winter, we follow our body’s instinct that tells us to eat heartier food for the upcoming cold. Now that it’s spring, it’s time to opt for nutritious choices and get ready for summer. Substitute Soups With Creative Salads […] Read more
Sausage in skillet with a side of dipping sauce

How to Improve Your Cooking Skills

While you may know your way around the kitchen, there are plenty of ways to boost your skills. Here are 10 tips for how to be a better cook, along with some easy recipes to get you started. 10 Tips for How to Be a Good Cook Did you ever wonder why your cooking isn’t […] Read more
sausage on the grill

Tips for Going Low Carb

Spring has sprung! It’s time to kick yourself off that winter diet and prepare for the beach or poolside. Eating right and exercising will have you feeling fit in no time, and if you really want to work off the winter body, you may consider a low-carb diet. Why Go Low Carb? Carbohydrates is a category of […] Read more