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The Perfect Beers to Go With Your Sausages

The Perfect Beers to Go With Your Sausages

Grilling season is right around the corner! You can start your summer off right by grilling up some sausage and passing around a few cold ones with your friends — but how do you know which beers won’t outshine your grilling efforts?

Perfect Beer and Sausage Pairings

To find the perfect beer and sausage combination, you must think about the intensity of the beer and how that compares to the sausage. As a rule of thumb, lighter beers go well with lighter foods like chicken and turkey sausage. Heavier beers pair well with heartier meats like pork and beef. There are exceptions to the rule, but this is a good starting point.

Be sure to consider what side dishes, condiments and more you will be serving along with the sausage, too. They all contribute to the sausage’s flavor, so they also play a role in which beer will pair best. Mustard, for example, adds a spicier flavor to a dish, so it may not work with a beer that has strong and spicy undertones.

Matchmaking beers and sausage proves to be a delicate process, but here are some beer and sausage pairing suggestions to give you some ideas for your next summer grilling party.

Kielbasa and Pilsner

Kielbasa and pilsner make a great combination thanks to their countries of origin. Since they are both from Eastern Europe, the two complement each other well. The combination of the dry, malt flavor of a pilsner and the seasoned pork in kielbasa do not overpower one another. Add some sauerkraut, and you’ll have an kielauthentic Eastern European meal.

Chorizo and Lager

The classic pairing of spicy and sweet come together with chorizo and lager. Chorizo brings the heat with chili and garlic, while the lager offers a sweeter taste to break up the spice. We suggest an amber lager to balance your savory meal. If you want to embrace the spice, try an IPA to ramp up the heat.

Andouille and Stout

Andouille sausage works well with stout because of their differing flavors. Andouille, with Cajun roots, leaves your taste buds with a touch of spice and smokey flavor. Stout can counteract the spice due to its hearty, slightly bitter taste, but it won’t overpower the sausage. It is all about finding the right balance between the flavors.

Spicy Italian and Porter

Porter evolved over time from its status as a combination of stout and pale ale to its own flavor. Porter’s sweet, malty but never bitter taste lends nicely to Spicy Italian sausage. This beer and sausage combination relies on the smokiness of each part. The smokier the sausage, the better match for the Porter’s roasted flavor.

Find Your Perfect Beer and Sausage Combinations With Premio

In the end, the best beer and sausage pairings combine your favorite flavors, but it all starts with having the best options to work with. Use our store locator to find Premio Sausage nearest you, and let these beer and sausage pairings be the star of your next summer party!

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