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Five Common Cooking Mistakes

Five Common Cooking Mistakes

The kitchen can be a messy place, so it’s no wonder there’s plenty of room for error. Whether you’re new to the cooking scene or a self-proclaimed foodie looking to upgrade your next meal, make sure you don’t fall victim to cooking mishaps that could ruin your culinary spread. Take a look at our list of five common cooking mistakes to ensure you prepare your next dish properly and perfectly.

1. Packing Your Pans to the Brim

You may think you’re cutting corners when you’re pressed for time and pack your pan full of meat, but you’re doing more harm than good. You need to space out your food to ensure adequate cooking. As a general rule of thumb, your meats or chicken should be far enough apart that no two pieces are touching. Overcrowding your pan means your food will not receive the proper cooking it needs to be ready. Use multiple pans when necessary to give your meat the right amount of room to cook thoroughly.

2. Improper Preparation

The best way to ensure a meal turns out delicious and as expected is to guarantee the proper preparation. Correctly preparing your meal determines how good the result will taste.

When de-casing a sausage, for instance, some individuals are guilty of cutting into the meat to quickly unwrap the outer shell. Many people aren’t aware that the proper way to de-case a sausage is by slicing down the side and turning it inside out. Research the right way to prepare your meal beforehand to ensure your dish exceeds — not fails — your expectations.

3. Adding Food Too Early

Whether you’re adding spaghetti to a pot of water or slapping some meat onto a grill, you always want to effectively heat your stovetops, ovens and grills before adding your food. When cooking your favorite meat, for instance, you need to wait until your cooking surface is hot before adding it to the pan. If you’re adding food early in an attempt to cut back on time, check out our easy sausage recipes to save time without cutting corners! Our real Italian sausage is worth the wait.

4. Going Rogue

When preparing a meal, it’s always best to read the recipes beforehand — thoroughly. Some recipes call for a long list of ingredients and you don’t want to have your meat simmering in the pot while you frantically raid your pantry looking for the right herbs and spices.

Using the wrong substitutes can also alter a meal’s taste entirely. If you don’t have a given product on hand while cooking, you may just find yourself using a varying ingredient — in effect risking the chance of ruining the meal entirely. Don’t go rogue when preparing a dish for the first time. Read the recipe entirely beforehand to ensure you’re good to go when cooking.

5. You Overcook or Undercook

Preparing the perfect meal all boils down to cooking your food at the correct temperature for the right amount of time. Whether you slap your meat on the pan too early or leave your pots in the oven for too long, ensuring temperature control is essential to preparing a delicious meal. Follow the guidelines of your recipe and invest in a digital thermometer for precision.

Whether you’re looking to cut corners or prepare your meal with ease, make sure you avoid committing common chef errors in your kitchen.

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