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How to Cut Sausage

How to Cut Sausage

Is there a more versatile meat option than sausage? You can incorporate it into just about any meal. Sausage is the perfect addition to any pasta dish, plus it’s great as a picnic side or for a summer BBQ.

There’s plenty of room for creativity when you’re working with sausage, too. You can slice it in lots of different ways to enhance the presentation and bring out its delectable flavor.

Four Different Ways to Cut Sausage

Cooking sausage links doesn’t have to involve the same old routine every time. Try these different slicing styles to give your sausage some extra flair.

1. Coin Slice

Symmetrical coin slices are aesthetically pleasing and an easy-to-eat addition to any dish. To cut your sausage into coin slices, follow the sausage’s preparation instructions. Place the links onto your cutting board and slice them diagonally at a 45-degree angle. This type of cut will help your sausages to sear perfectly when cooking, and it also adds an interesting touch to the presentation. Coin sausage slices can be anywhere from half an inch to an inch thick — it’s entirely up to your preferences!

2. Spiral Cut

Wondering how to cut sausage for grilling? Spiral cut sausages are deceptively easy to make, yet they’ll add an undeniably fancy touch to your meal. To spiral cut your sausage, secure it on a skewer and slice it into a spiral pattern down to the center. A spiral cut exposes the flesh of your sausage, giving it plenty of room to spread on the grill and caramelize. This method will give your sausage a better flavor and texture.

3. Diced

Small pieces of diced sausage can be a tasty, protein-rich addition to a stew or mixed vegetable dish. To dice your sausage, start by slicing it lengthwise so you have two long, thin pieces. Slice it down the middle again so you are left with four equally sized pieces. Start slicing those pieces sideways until you are left with many small cubes. You’ll have enough to infuse some irresistible flavor in every bite.

4. Octopus Cut

The octopus sausage cut is a fun way to add some personality to a kid’s dinner or lunchbox meal. To make an octopus sausage, simply cut your link into pieces about three inches long. Hold the sausage sideways and slice through one side. Turn it 90 degrees and slice it again. This process will give your sausage four legs. Cut it one more time between the slits until you’ve got eight distinct legs.

Cook your sausage over medium-high heat. Once it heats up, the legs will splay out to resemble a signature octopus shape. Serve your octopus sausage hot or cold!

Try Your Hand at These Sausage Cuts With Premio Sausage

Ready to put these creative cuts to the test? Purchase Premio Foods sausage in a store near you! With more than 40 options from chicken and specialty Italian to original pork sausage, we have a flavor for everyone’s tastes. Use our store locator to find a quality Premio Foods sausage option for your next meal.

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