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How to Throw the Best 4th of July Bash

How to Throw the Best 4th of July Bash

Summer is here again, and it’s bringing back all our favorite things — beach days, barbeques, sprinklers, sunshine, fireworks and the 4th of July, of course! When you’re preparing for the holiday that celebrates independence, patriotic pride and what it means to be American, you want to make sure you have everything you need to make your 4th as festive and fun as possible.

Planning an all-out 4th of July bash? Here’s a list of four patriotic supplies you need to deck out your backyard and bring out the best spirit for your Independence Day party!

Sparklers and Fireworks

It’s not the 4th of July without some sparks! This year, kick off or finish your 4th of July festivities with a bang by delighting your friends, family and neighbors with some at-home fireworks. Find safe sparklers to set off with the kids for some kicks, create your own at-home fireworks show with state-legal backyard fireworks of all assortments or take your friends and family out together to watch one of your area’s professional fireworks displays after your 4th of July party. It’ll be a dazzling night!

Red, White and Blue Decorations

When you’re setting up your kitchen, deck, backyard or picnic tables with decorations for your 4th of July extravaganza, make sure to keep your decor in line with the patriotic spirit of the season! Don’t be afraid to use too much red, white and blue — there’s no better time than now. When you purchase your tablecloths, paper plates and cups, cutlery, napkins and banners, choose everything in this American color scheme to get your guests fired up.

Patriotic Clothing

Dress yourself up just like you’d dress up your party — in stars, strips, and red, white and blue! You can find patriotic T-shirts, dresses, shorts and shoes in almost any retail store around July, so take advantage of the day by sporting your favorite American-themed outfit. If you don’t have any patriotic garb handy, get creative by mixing and matching red, white and blue clothing from your wardrobe.

American Flags

No 4th of July barbeque is complete without some American flags to top off your decor. Purchase flag pics and place them around your yard, hang a flag banner from your deck or buy tiny handheld flags to put on your food tables. Nothing is too over the top today.

Get Your Grilling Goods From Premio

When your 4th of July bash is all set up and ready to go, finish off the theme of your patriotic decor by cooking up some good, old-fashioned American picnic food. You’ll need your grill, of course — and for some dishes that really kick off the festivities, try sizzling some traditional Italian sausage in delicious holiday recipes to keep everyone happy.

Premio sausage comes in all flavors and varieties of high-quality meat to make your patriotic party an event to remember. Search for store locations near you to stock up for the big day. Serve the best grilled sausage recipes at your 4th of July backyard bash to make sure your BBQ is the highlight of the summer!


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