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Protecting Your Grill During Winter

Protecting Your Grill During Winter

As brisk, chilly air begins to replace hot summery days, you may be wondering what to do with your grill in the winter season. Whether you choose to brave through the snow and continue grilling or want to pack away your trusted cooking machinery for the season, make sure your grill stays safe this winter by considering the following grill-protection essentials:

Preparing for Storage

Before you hang up your chef coat and pack your grill up for the year, make sure to thoroughly prepare it for storage. If you’re a grill enthusiastic, your burner likely received its fair share of usage. During hot summer days, it grilled scores of cheeseburgers, sausages and shish kabobs. Make sure your leftovers made their way into your fridge — and not your grill. Carefully clean your grill by scrubbing any remaining food off the surface. Remove grease from the grill’s interior and ensure your grill is debris- and dirt-free prior to storage.

Safeguard Against Winter Weather

When the winter weather strikes – especially in cooler climates — you may just decide that grilling is an action best reserved for the summer. If you’ve decided to pack up your grill and wait for warmer days, make sure you safeguard your equipment against cold and snowy conditions.

Moisture can build up on burners and metallic surfaces, especially during the winter season. Spray your burners with a protective coating before storage to inhibit the production of rusty materials. This tip is especially essential to keep in mind for those who choose to leave their grill outside for the season.

Don’t leave your grill exposed to the wintery elements outside, either! Use protective wrapping to encase your appliance during the weather. A covering will prevent moisture, insects and snow from seeping into the interior during the winter weather. If you store your grill inside a shed or basement, remember to leave the tank outside in case any gas leaking occurs.

Keeping the Grill Up and Running

If you’re a true grill fanatic, you may just be unable to part with your grill for the winter season. If the thought of going a month or two without grilling distresses you, cheer yourself up by knowing there’s no real reason you can’t enjoy grilling all year long! To prepare yourself for the winter season while simultaneously enjoying your favorite form of cooking, keep the following tips in mind to ensure you’re fully prepared for the change in seasons:

  • Keep your grill’s surface and surroundings clean and snow-free. Doing so provides safe surroundings for you while guaranteeing your grill can correctly heat up.
  • Let your meats sit without constant checking. Every time you open the lid, warm air escapes and coldness rushes inside.
  • Make sure to check the heat on your grill before cooking up your meats. Colder temperatures may mean a longer warm-up time.
  • And most importantly — bundle up! You may be outside for long durations of time and want to remain comfy while cooking.

Grill and Chill

If you have the summer blues and miss the taste of a fresh off the grill meal, be sure to check out our list of grill recipes that you can enjoy all year long. You can try some of our best grilled sausage recipes even during the cold wintery season! Enjoy the savory delight of our real Italian sausage by downloading our online sausage coupons today. Whether you decide to pack in your grill or brave through the winter weather with your grill outside, you’ll be glad to know our meats are enjoyable every day of the year — no grill necessary.


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