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Set Yourself up for a Healthy New Year

Set Yourself up for a Healthy New Year

After indulging in holiday time comfort foods, cookies and chocolate-laden beverages, your body will be ready for a healthy break come January 1. Instead of assuming you will have to give up all the flavors you love, though, rethink your vision of a diet detox for your new year resolution.

Improving your intake of vitamins, fiber and minerals does not have to equate to taste bud sacrifice. In fact, we offer plenty of health-conscious sausage recipes that allow you to indulge without guilt. Beyond choosing recipes and ingredients that will help you hit those health-related resolutions, you can easily apply these strategies to ensure you always have nutritious foods on hand.

Give Your Cupboards a Thorough Cleaning

Just as you detox your palate after the holidays, detox your cupboards, pantry and fridge, too. Systematically go through all the shelves and drawers. Toss anything that has expired. When you find foods that do not belong in your healthy new year’s regimen, place them in a waiting box to donate to a local food bank.

It simply makes sense that if you keep healthier foods in your house, you will be less likely to eat something you will regret.

Become Grocery-List Strict in JanuarySet Yourself Up For A Healthy New Year

Do you have a habit of going to the grocery store with a small list and coming back with bags of items? Not only is this bad for your budget, but it can derail your plans for better eating at the beginning of the new year.

During January, make a promise to yourself to stay true to your grocery list and avoid impulse buying. The only exceptions to the rule would be if you suddenly receive a text from your kids that they just used the last of the lowfat milk or you realize you need another bag of baby carrots for their after-school snacks.

Shop the Outer Perimeter

You might already have noticed that foods most likely to be untouched or only lightly processed remain on the perimeter of your grocery store. These can include yogurts, cheese, meats and produce. The more processed items tend to be on the inner shelves.

Certainly, you will have to buy some things from the shelves, but try to make at least half to three-quarters of your shopping around the perimeter for healthier food options.

Learn at Least One New Recipe a Week

As part of your newfound focus on nutrition, strive to prepare at least one new healthy recipe each week. For example, browse our Premio lighter dishes so you can make healthy sausage recipes for dinner.

Not every recipe will be a hit, of course. Nonetheless, be sure to bookmark or print off any that your family truly loves. These will become your go-to recipes whenever you want to present your household with nutritious food you can all feel great about!

Add Exercise to Your Everyday Life

Many people sign up for gym memberships in January and February. You can, too. Or you could simply add another form of exercise to your life. Brisk walking is a perennial favorite because it requires no special equipment. Want a challenge? Try indoor rock climbing or hit the ski slopes.

Regardless of the weather, you can also perform yoga or Pilates moves. And you know Fido will never trot around the block himself! The goal is to get moving and put all those holiday eating experiences in your rearview mirror to start a healthy new year.

It doesn’t have to be hard to make this New Year your healthiest yet. Try these tips, and you’ll be well on your way. To find the quality Premio sausage you need to add to your healthy sausage recipes, be sure to take a look at our store locator.

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