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Throw a Ghoulish Grown-Up Halloween Party

Throw a Ghoulish Grown-Up Halloween Party

It’s the spookiest time of the year — and not just for kids! Here’s a few ideas to help you throw a bloodcurdling grown-up Halloween party.

Creepy Cocktails


Grown-up parties aren’t complete without a cocktail or two! Cider-based cocktails are always a great, festive option. Rum-based punches are also party favorites, so try making a witch’s brew! And what would a Halloween party be without a little blood? Bloody Marys will fit the bill! For a sweeter option, add some grenadine to the drink to get that blood-red look. Halloween-colored Jello shots are another fun boozy option.

Make sure to adorn your cocktails with creepy decorative items, like glasses with a spooky pumpkin face or fake eyeballs.

Eerie Entertainment

Every party needs a little entertainment. Make the ultimate Halloween playlist with classic Halloween songs like “Monster Mash,” “I Put a Spell On You,” “Thriller” and “Ghostbusters.” Halloween movies are another great entertainment option. They could be a main event or even just play in the background. From “Halloween” to “Ghostbusters” to “Beetlejuice,” Halloween movies are sure to spark nostalgia for your guests.

Costume Contests

Costume contests can be a great way to really get your guests in the Halloween spirit! You can make the contest as simple as who’s wearing the best costume, or as challenging as who’s wearing the least recognizable costume. If you’re inviting a lot of couples, you could also have a couple’s costume contest. If you have a lot of crafty friends, a best DIY costume will be right up their alley. Throw a Ghoulish Grown-Up Halloween Party

Ghostly Games

To really engage your guests in the festivities, put some games together for everyone to play. You could do a classic game like bobbing for apples or Halloween-themed trivia to get everyone involved. If you want to go all out, turn the night into a murder mystery game with different roles for your guests to play. For a casual competition, fill a bowl with candies and have your guests guess how many candies there are.

Frightful and Delightful Foods

There are all kinds of frightful, yummy food ideas to consider for a Halloween party. For sweeter fare, you could offer “poison” candied apples or a cake with a spider web design. For a frightful spin on the classic chips and dip appetizer, stick some rounded chips in the dip to create a graveyard look.

Healthy and Keto Sausage Recipes

If you and your guests are health-conscious, you can always dress up a healthy sausage recipe! Keto sausage recipes are an easy way to go, or get a little more elaborate and make bacon-wrapped sausage stuffing bites or an artichoke and sausage dip.

Browse our holiday recipes for more inspiration on food ideas for your grown-up Halloween party. Then use our store locator to find a place near you where you can buy our Premio sausage products. We have a variety of types and flavors that are perfect for all kinds of recipes.

How did your grown-up Halloween party and sausage recipes go? Let us know in the comments!

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