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Tips for Grocery Shopping Online

Tips for Grocery Shopping Online

With your busy schedule, you don’t want to waste time driving to the grocery store, walking the aisles and waiting in long checkout lines. Luckily, ordering groceries online for delivery cuts out those steps and saves you time. But learning how to grocery shop online can streamline this already convenient process.

Maybe you’re new to the world of grocery shopping online, or you want to streamline your current process. With the online grocery shopping tips here, you’ll be an ordering expert in no time!

6 Tips for Grocery Shopping Online

Ready to learn how to grocery shop online? It’s a simple process that gets even easier with a few extra considerations. Follow these online grocery shopping tips before you place your next order.

6 Tips for Grocery Shopping Online

1. Make a List

Grocery shopping online is a lot like shopping in person — if you don’t have a plan, you’ll buy lots of things you don’t need. You’ll then forget a crucial ingredient in a recipe or something you’re low on and have to go shopping all over again. Whether you use an app on your phone or create a physical list, it’ll keep you on track for online grocery shopping. Depending on how you prefer to organize your checklist, you might include items like these.

  • Staples: You probably buy a few go-to items every time you go grocery shopping or whenever you’re running low. You might keep a permanent catalog of these staples in the kitchen that you can pull from whenever you’re making a list for online grocery shopping.
  • Recipe necessities: If you want to try a new recipe, you might need an ingredient you don’t have yet. Be sure to write down these recipe necessities, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Treats: Maybe you’ve been craving something lately or want to treat yourself or your family to a special snack or meal. These treats won’t go on your weekly list, but feel free to add them as needed.

2. Prepare to Compromise

Tips for Grocery Shopping Online

Not everything you’d buy in a physical store will also be available to deliver or ship to you when you buy online. Knowing how to grocery shop online, then, involves being flexible. An online grocery shopping plan can become stressful if you struggle to find what you usually buy in your favorite store, but all you have to do is relax, compromise and follow these tips.

  • Substitute brands: Depending on availability, you may need to swap your favorite brands for others. Use that as an opportunity to shop for deals or try a brand you might not have before. You might even discover a new favorite that you can order online again in the future.
  • Substitute ingredients: Some ingredients are easy to swap for others, which comes in handy when your favorite online store is out of stock. Can’t find breadcrumbs? Substitute crushed crackers. Do you lack fresh ingredients like garlic or ginger? Get their dried, powdered versions instead. Flex your creativity in the kitchen and make do with what you can order online.
  • Change your meal plans: If you can’t find a significant amount of ingredients online for your meal plans that week, you could have to shuffle things around. But don’t let that stress you out. Use that as an opportunity to try new things and experiment with the ingredients you have and what you can order.

Some grocery shopping apps and stores’ sites let you input potential substitutions if they don’t have an item you want. Be sure to add these swaps for all essentials you’re willing to compromise on, so your order doesn’t get delayed or end up missing things you need.

3. Order Ahead of Time

Online grocery shopping isn’t an instant transaction like you’d expect to have in a store. Depending on where you live and your favorite store, you may have to wait a day or longer for your groceries. It’s essential to order ahead of time to ensure you get your food when you need it. Whether you sign up for a delivery timeslot or have to wait for the groceries to ship to you, help speed the process with these tips.

  • Plan your meals and list: Preparing with a list means you can quickly order your groceries. You’ll claim a delivery timeslot before they fill up or put your order in early enough for the store to prepare it for you on the same day.
  • Keep an inventory of your kitchen: Knowing what you already have and what you need will help you order groceries online. You’ll notice if you’re running low on something and order it before you run out.
  • Order based on your schedule: You’ll need to receive and unpack your grocery order once the delivery person drops it off. Work your order into your schedule, but remember that weekends may be peak times. Either order well in advance for the weekend or opt for a less busy timeslot.

4. Check Your Phone for Updates

Whether you use a grocery delivery app or a store’s site, you may receive texts or emails with questions about your order. The sooner you answer, the quicker you’ll get your grocery delivery. They might also notify you of order updates and changes — like a new delivery time or an unavailable product — that could alter your meal plans.

Keeping up with your texts or emails is particularly essential for grocery apps where a shopper visits the store for you. They might have a question about a substitution or a particular item you ordered. If you don’t reply, you may not receive everything you expected to get. Answering as quickly as possible makes their job easier and helps you get all the groceries you want.

5. Watch for Order Minimums

You might think online grocery shopping would be convenient for grabbing two or three things you forgot on your last shopping trip. However, many apps and sites have order minimums you must meet, usually calculated by the cost of what’s in your cart. If you don’t reach those minimums, you may have to pay an extra fee, or you might not be able to place your order at all.

To meet those order minimums, plan your list accordingly and make sure you have enough in your cart to warrant an online shopping trip. It’ll be easier to run into your nearby grocery store to pick up any last-minute items yourself, so try to save online orders for when you have a lot on your list.

6. Try Different Services

Everyone has hectic schedules nowadays, and many grocery delivery services have popped up as a result. Don’t limit yourself to the first one you use. Try different sites and apps to see what works best for your needs. If you aren’t sure what makes a quality grocery delivery service, consider these features.

  • Site or app layout: If you plan to use online grocery shopping services often, you want an easy-to-navigate platform. You don’t want your weekly grocery ordering to be stressful — that’s why you’re shopping online in the first place! A quick and convenient grocery ordering platform is a must.
  • Delivery scheduling: Try to pick a store or app that lets you schedule a time window for your delivery. That’ll help you plan your schedule accordingly, and you could arrange for groceries to come right when you need them.
  • Substitution inputs: Does the grocery delivery service you use let you add substitutions? This feature is essential for convenient shopping and getting everything on your list, so make sure whatever you select offers it.

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