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8 Fun Sausage Facts for Kids

8 Fun Sausage Facts for Kids

Sausage. It comes in so many forms, including links, patties and ground versions. It can be used to perk up family favorites like lasagna, or it can stand alone as the star of a meal.

Sausage has become a familiar ingredient in lots of households. Still, many people don’t know some of the most intriguing, fun tidbits about this type of meat.

Below, we’ll explore a few pieces of sausage trivia to improve your sausage IQ! Remember them the next time you buy Premio sausage at your local store.

Sausage Facts From Around the World

Ready to become a sausage know-it-all? Here’s a quick lesson in the rich history of this delicious food.

  1. Sausage has been around for a long time. Books and texts from ancient Roman and Greek cultures mention sausage meats. In fact, the deeper origins of the word “sausage” come from the Latin words “salsica” and “salsicus.”
  2. Sausage starts as chopped-up meat. The meat traditionally comes from different parts of an animal. It can be mixed with other ingredients to create new textures and flavors. In parts of the United Kingdom, sausages tend to have a lot of breadcrumbs in them. Of course, seasonings help make each sausage particularly unique.
  3. Sausage casings used to always be made from animal intestines. When people first started forming sausages into links, they used intestines to hold the meat together. Today, some manufacturers still use intestines. Others prefer alternative casing sources, such as edible collagen.
  4. Sausage is an umbrella term. Specific types of sausage, such as chorizo and andouille, have their own characteristics and purposes. For example, salami is a kind of sausage that’s often used as lunch meat or on a snack tray.
  5. Sausage shares a holiday with pizza. Each year, October 11 is designated as National Sausage Pizza Day! (We think it’s okay to just celebrate sausage and not pizza, though.)
  6. Sausage has made it into the Guinness World Records. The longest sausage was created in Romania at the end of 2014. It was a shocking 38.99 miles long.
  7. Sausage can come from plants, too. Vegetarians and vegans who want the taste of sausage have experimented with plant-based sausage variations. They use spices and a mix of other ingredients to produce products that resemble the look and flavor of sausage.
  8. Sausage can be prepared, cooked and served in countless ways. From brining to smoking to curing, sausage meat responds well to a range of safe preparation processes.

Who knew that what seemed like such a humble meat had such a lasting legacy?

Add a Little Sausage to Your Weekly Meal Plan

Now that you know some sausage trivia, why not add this great food option to your weekly family meal plan? Sausage belongs at any meal, from breakfast to dinner. It can even be useful to whip up nutritious, tasty snacks after school or between meals.

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