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Finding Your Favorite Sausage Flavor

Finding Your Favorite Sausage Flavor

Everyone’s palate is different. When it comes to sausage, some like it hot — and some do not. Some people crave sweet sausage, while others prefer more savory flavors. Others love a certain taste, but prefer to eat chicken sausage for health reasons.

We’ve got great news — Premio Foods knows no two taste buds were created alike, so we have flavors to suit any culinary preference. Whether you have a sweet meat tooth, or you’ve never considered yourself a sausage person before, we know we can find just the right texture and flavor to appeal to you.

Here’s a look at four of our most popular sausages and who they appeal to.

Hot Italian Sausage

Do you love spicy foods? If you live for tabasco, add red pepper flakes to everything and can’t get enough sriracha, our Hot Italian Sausage may be perfect for you. The heat in this sausage could start a fire, and you can use it in any dish that involves sausage. Kick up your stews a notch by adding hot sausage to your mix of meat. You may need to pour an extra glass of milk to calm your peppery tongue after this one!

Sweet Italian Sausage

Our Sweet Italian Sausage won’t give you cavities, but it will tickle your taste buds. “Sweet” actually signifies that the sausage is not hot, not that it tastes like sugar. If you enjoy the sausages you can get from vendors at a carnival, covered in peppers and onions, then this is the flavor for you. Serve it as a sandwich or slice it up and fry it for breakfast. No matter how it’s served, Sweet Italian Sausage will thrill those who prefer tangy meat over spicy.

Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage

Chicken sausage tastes almost the same as regular sausage, but it carries big health benefits. Our Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage has 60 percent less fat than USDA data for beef and pork sausage — that means you can satisfy your craving for something salty and aromatic without falling off your diet. You can sub Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage into any recipe that calls for sweet Italian sausage, and no one will ever know the difference.

Italian Sausage Hot and Sweet Combo

What happens when you just can’t decide between sweet and spicy? We anticipated many people would have this problem, which is why we offer the Italian Sausage Hot and Sweet Combo. This combo marries our two popular sausage types into one convenient package. You can purchase this combo pack and get enough to make recipes with both hot and sweet Italian sausages.

Choose this package for days when you have guests joining you with different food preferences than your own. You’ll both be happy, and everyone wins with a sausage that appeals to them. You’ll be “meating” the challenge for finding affordable and appetizing food when you bring home any of these sausages for you and your family to taste-test.

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