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Getting Your Grill Ready for Summer

Getting Your Grill Ready for Summer

Warm days often signal the start of grilling season. And while you may be chomping at the bit to pull your grill out of the shed and throw your sausage links on the grill right away, be sure to get your grill summer-ready first. Not quite sure how to get your summer cooking equipment in top shape before you start up the flames? Take a look at our quick and hassle-free grill preparation tips!

1. Conduct a Safety Check

Before you start up your grill, always make sure to conduct a safety check first. If it relies on a propane tank for startup, inspect the tank for any wear, dents or damage that could potentially pose a safety hazard during use.

Remember to check the grill’s hose as well to ensure it’s free of any holes, damage, etc. Did you find some issues with it? Don’t worry — that just means you now have the perfect excuse to go shopping for the ideal new grill, which you can enjoy using with an added peace of mind this summer.

2. Scrub It Down

After you conduct your safety check, pull out your sturdiest scrubbers and get prepared for a complete wipe down that’ll leave your grill glistening and cooking-ready.

Before you break out your best cleaning materials, though, turn your grill on high for roughly five to 10 minutes, to burn off any crumbs or food hanging around from previous grilling events. Next, use a sturdy sponge or cloth, and warm water mixed with soap, to give your grill the complete scrub down.

Cleaning your grill is a necessary part of ensuring it works correctly and to its fullest potential — and it’s always better to get it ready ahead of time rather than scrambling when hungry people are waiting!

3. Invest in Quality Ingredients

Cleaning a grill can work up a hefty appetite, so make sure you satisfy your hunger with fresh and tasty ingredients. Include fresh Italian sausage on your list of grilling must-haves this season.

Not quite sure what to prepare? Try making our classic Premio’s Stadium Sausage & Peppers sandwiches — they’re the perfect picnic or get-together meal.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or first-time griller, sausages are ideal because they’re versatile, affordable and delicious.

Make every grilling event a memorable one with Premio’s delicious sausage varieties. Download our coupons for Italian sausage for some extra savings.

With our Italian sausage coupons in hand, be sure to check our products out in a store near you. Not sure where to find us? Simply plug your location into our store locator and bring our tasty, savory sausages straight from our home to yours.

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