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How to Cook Breakfast on a Budget

How to Cook Breakfast on a Budget

By now, most of us understand just how important the first meal of the day can be. Not only does it give us the fuel to power through the morning, but it can jumpstart the metabolism and set the tone for healthier eating. Best of all, breakfast can be amazingly affordable!

If you regularly skip breakfast or try to eat as little as possible to save money, rethink your wake-up possibilities. Breakfast on even a tight budget is easy to pull off, especially when you follow a few helpful tips.

1. Use Leftovers From the Night Before

Did you make a meal the night before that included some sauteed vegetables or cut-up raw veggies? Put a few of your leftovers in a separate container. Then, use them to make some affordable sausage recipes such as Huevos Al Premio featuring diced bell peppers, scallions, onions or whatever other produce you used for dinner.

2. Cook Breakfast Meals Ahead of Time

Sometimes, the problem is not that breakfast costs more. Instead, the reason it’s tough to get to breakfast is because it takes time to make. Save yourself some much-needed minutes in the morning by making items such as a New Mexico Breakfast Burrito on Sunday. Then, freeze the burrito or other item to eat for breakfast all week.

3. Skip the Drive-Thru

Everyone is guilty of hitting the local drive-thru for a breakfast bite now and then. However, spending five or ten dollars daily adds up quickly. Rather than constantly giving your hard-earned money to fast food establishments, make a vow to eat a homecooked breakfast at least two or three times a week. Keep track of how much you save — you might be surprised at the figure by the end of the month!

4. Learn to Make Fast, Cheap Sausage Recipes

Are you tired of the cereal and toast routine? Spice up your morning by adding some of Premio’s best breakfast sausage recipes to your everyday fare. Even if you are not totally confident in your cooking abilities, you can always find something simple to whip up. Creating a delicious frittata or breakfast quiche takes much less time than you might think.

5. Start a Breakfast Garden

Herbs such as fresh basil, chives, rosemary and oregano add a “Wow!” factor to any breakfast omelet or egg and sausage scramble. Even if you only have a small space such as a cozy patio or apartment-sized kitchen, you can grow plants that will add flavor without costing anything. If you get really ambitious, you may even want to try your hand at growing fruits and vegetables to spruce up your summer and fall breakfasts.

Make Breakfast a Budget-Friendly, Delicious Experience

Forget about concentrating all your attention on lunch and dinner. Focus more on the many ways to make breakfast the star meal of the day. All you need is a little advice and imagination to create breakfasts on a budget that will make you glad you said no to the snooze button.

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