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Premio Foods Acquires Local NJ Sausage Company

Premio Foods Acquires Local NJ Sausage Company

Premio continues its expansion with acquisition of Appetito Provision Co., Inc.

FAIR LAWN, NJ – 18-May-2017 – Premio Foods, Inc. has announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of Appetito Provision Co., Inc., located in Union City, NJ, effective May 12, 2017.

“One of Premio’s business strategies continues to be the pursuit of new business acquisition opportunities – those that are consistent with our business interests and present prospects for growth and profitability. I am pleased to report that we have been successful in identifying such an opportunity.” – Marc Cinque, President of Premio Foods, Inc.
Headquartered in Hawthorne, NJ, Premio Foods has been passionately making fine Italian sausage for over four decades.

The acquisition will provide Premio Foods with an additional manufacturing facility as well as offer new growth opportunities in the foodservice industry. Furthermore, all former Appetito employees will be joining the Premio staff at the Union City facility.

About Premio Foods, Inc.:

Premio Foods, a traditional and family-run business, is one of the nation’s largest sausage producers. For over 40 years Premio has provided quality sausages for all occasions. Premio’s line of sausage products, which include pork, chicken, and turkey sausage, are available at your local grocery store. The perfect blend of butcher quality meat, seasoning and spice sets Premio apart; THE WAY SAUSAGE SHOULD BE.

15 responses to “Premio Foods Acquires Local NJ Sausage Company”

  1. Euclid Ohio, Near Cleveland Ohio 44117
    I’ve been eating your sausage for years I mean years I used to live in New Jersey and your sausage were readily available in the surrounding stores. I now live n Cleveland Ohio and can’t find them anywhere, so I was wondering if I could order them and have them shipped, the ones in question are (RICHARD”S country prize brand – HOT – SAGE MADE IN HAWTHORNE New Jersey- H.C. Pork Sausage – Manufactured By PREMIO Foods, INC Hawthorne N.J. 07506

  2. Aberdeen nj
    Can I get a 5 pound box of sweet sausage I need it before Friday to deliver to my home I been getting it in Union City for years I use to live in Hoboken now live in Aberdeen nj I can’t get in touch with the place in union city

  3. Elmhurst, Illinois
    Everyone in my family would like to purchase your sausage. We are located all over the US. Can you purchase your sausage online? It would really be great if we could purchase it online with Walmart or Amazon. Is there any plan to re-instate the ability to order online with Amazon?
    Luanne Perkins

    • Queens, NY
      Hi there, Luanne! Thanks so much for your interest in our products! You can use our Store Locator and search your city to see if anyone near you or your family carries our product:! You can also place an order for our sausage directly on our website, or speak with the meat manager at your local store and request that they carry it! Thank you!

  4. I’ve been buying PREMIO ITALIAN HOT SAUSAGE for a few years. It was always pretty good. Last month I bought two packages and fried them up to put into the big pot of sauce I’d just made. I’m
    so glad I tasted one before putting them into the sauce = TERRIBLE !!! It wasn’t an “off” taste; it was just NOT “ITALIAN” ! I tasted all, cut them up to see NO Fennel & no hot pepper flakes or color. Even my husband (who eats anything) said they were awful. There was a weird flavor in them, a spice or something we couldn’t identify. My sauce would’ve been ruined. We threw them out. I’m not looking for money; I just want YOU to know about this. And I won’t be buying them anymore. I’m old now, but I guess I’ll have to go back to making my own REAL Italian sausage with FENNEL in them — even though it is difficult for me physically.DO NOT SHOW MY EMAIL OR MY LOCATION !!! Please ?!?!

    • Queens, NY
      Hi Dana – Thank you for reaching out and providing us this information. Our Quality Assurance department will be reaching out to you via the email you used when leaving your comment. We have made sure that your location is not published, nor is your email. Thank you!

    • Queens, NY
      Hi Dana! We emailed you back from a contact form you had sent in earlier this week. Feel free to reach back out to Jonathan as he would be happy to assist you: Thank you!

  5. Bayonne, NJ
    We always look to purchase the Premio brand whenever we can. Whether we are at a sporting event or local supermarket, Premio is always our number one preference for sausage. It never disappoints and always satisfies the taste buds. Keep up the excellent work and best of luck in the future with the ever growing business.

    • Queens, NY
      Thanks so much, Joseph! We’re so happy to hear you enjoy our products!

    • Harrisburg, PA
      Hello Allan, thanks for asking! You can use the Store Locator tool on our website to help you find the closest locations that carry Premio products in the Jersey Shore area by clicking the link here:

  6. Hopatcong New Jersey
    Since you purchased Appetito Sausage Company in Union City , New Jersey do you still make the Pork Braccoli that Appetito was so well know for. If so where can I purchase it.

    • Harrisburg, PA
      We do still make the pork bracciole, however, it is only available in limited areas. Most Shop Rite locations still carry it, so if you have a Shop Rite located near you, you can check for it there! Otherwise, you can speak to the meat manager at your local store and request that they order it. We hope that helps! You might also like some of our other various flavors, which you can check out here: