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Five Tips for Throwing the Best Labor Day Party

Five Tips for Throwing the Best Labor Day Party

The weather’s still warm and everyone’s spirits are high with one last reason to celebrate until fall begins. It must be Labor Day! Gather your neighborhood friends and break out the grill one last time before packing it away for the winter. Get ready to throw the best Labor Day holiday bash with our top five party tips.

1. Craft a Fun Signature Drink

Whether your crowd wants a sweet summer punch or something a little stronger, this is the perfect occasion to embrace your inner foodie. Get creative with it — mix and match fresh fruit, make your own DIY crushed raspberry lemonade or create a refreshing summer sangria. Craft the perfect drink for the perfect day. Just make sure you’ve got enough ice!

2. Make a Catchy Summer Playlist

Choose the right set of tunes to set the scene. Before your party begins, put together a playlist full of high-energy songs that everyone can sing along to. If your backyard bash turns into a dance party, even better! If you’re not much of a musician, don’t sweat it. Most music streaming apps have pre-made playlists that’ll do the trick.

3. Set Out the Backyard Games

Throwing the Best Labor Day Party

It’s a Labor Day party — no one should be working, right? Get some fun games ready for the kids like water balloons, sidewalk chalk or lawn twister. They can burn some energy outside while enjoying the delightful end of summer. If your party attendees will be mostly an adult crowd, it’s time to bust out the cornhole or lawn croquet. Who said a backyard party can’t be fancy?

4. Create the Right Atmosphere

If you want to keep your party going even as the day begins to fade, plan ahead with a little something extra to set the right mood. Whether it’s a set of Tiki torches, a string of backyard lights or even a backyard bonfire — complete with marshmallows, of course — a little light can go a long way.

5. Grill Up Some Classic Fare

Of course, no party is complete without some delicious meals to share. If you’re stuck in the debate of which grilled meat is the better barbecue staple — sausages or burgers – well, we’ve got your answer. Simply cook up a classic Premio Italian sausage burger for the best of both worlds. You can check out our burger recipe and follow the easy instructions for a healthy, tangy summer taste that’s guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.

This easy holiday sausage recipe goes great with a side of grilled corn, watermelon mint salad or freshly picked greens. Make sure to have a full stash of go-to toppings as well as fun extras like pesto or garlic butter. Throw a little cheese and lightly grilled veggies on top of your burger, and you’ll give your neighborhood a Labor Day party they won’t forget!

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