4 Breakfasts for a Magical Christmas Morning

4 Breakfasts for a Magical Christmas Morning

4 Breakfasts for a Magical Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is one of the year’s most cherished moments. It’s a time of uninterrupted celebration and togetherness, a moment for everyone to simply take a break from the hurried pace of everyday life.

This year, why not add to the fun, warmth and fellowship with a special sausage treat that’s beyond the usual? Any of the following Christmas morning breakfast recipes will surely add the right touch of fantastic flavor to kick off the day’s festivities.

Christmas Breakfast Sausage Casserole

This Christmas breakfast casserole is delicious and easy to prepare. Brimming with sweet Italian sausage, eggs, toasted breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese, you’ll appreciate being able to whip up the ingredients the evening before. Just pop the unbaked casserole in the refrigerator and let its seasonings and ingredients mingle overnight.

When you wake up, simply bake your breakfast casserole as directed. The aroma will drift around the house, reminding everyone that Christmas morning isn’t only a time for gifts from under the tree. It’s also a time to indulge in some memorable culinary treasures.

Savory Sausage Hashbrown Quiche

Think pulling together a light-as-air quiche may require too much work on Christmas? Not when you have this sausage hashbrown quiche recipe on hand. It’s deceptively simple and makes a terrific impression on family and guests.

This quiche is sure to become an annual family favorite on your Christmas breakfast menu. The crust is made from crispy hashbrown potatoes, and the filling includes cut-up sausage links, peppers, spinach, cheese and lots of fresh eggs.

Breakfasts for a Magical Christmas Morning

Feeling particularly creative? You can experiment with this recipe by adding other veggies before baking. Great choices include pieces of gourmet mushrooms, thin strips of yellow squash and bite-sized slices of sweet onion.

Sausage French Toast Rolls

What do you get when you combine premium sausage, French toast and warm maple syrup?

These French toast rolls offer a twist on a Christmas morning classic. Simply cook your sausage and roll each piece up in a flattened slice of bread. Dip the rolls in a traditional French toast egg-based batter and fry them in a pan. You’ll end up with a treat that combines the savory flavor of sausage with sweeter vanilla and cinnamon and buttery overtones.

Sweet ‘n Savory Breakfast Pastries

Looking for some breakfast pastry recipes to spruce up Christmas morning? Give our sweet ‘n savory mini pastries a try. Wrapped lovingly in flexible, refrigerated pie crust, the pastries contain two types of meat — chicken sausage and bacon. Eggs, cheese and a helping of maple syrup round out the filling.

Prime Ingredients for a Delicious Christmas Breakfast

When you’re looking for the best sausage for all your holiday meals, remember to check out our Premio Foods store locator so you have everything you need on hand for a true holiday dishes.

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