How To Choose Between Sausage Links, Patties, & Ground Meat

Choosing Between Sausage Links, Patties and Ground Meat

Choosing Between Sausage Links, Patties and Ground Meat

When it comes to cooking delicious dishes with mouthwatering meat like Italian sausage, your options are as open-ended as the flavors you can bring together. You can craft tempting burgers, delicious casseroles, irresistible dips and sauces and so many other dishes to enjoy with friends and family for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When you’re sifting through Italian sausage recipes, however, you might run into some conflict over what type of meat to use for which dish. You know you want that protein-packed element in your entrees, but what form should you include? Should you use ground meat or patties for your burgers? Do your casseroles and stir-fries call for sausage links or ground sausage meat? This quick guide will help you determine what meat to use in which delicious recipes for the best sausage-inspired meals.

Sausage Links

Shaped into their own cylinders held together by sausage casings, sausage links are full of delicious, varied flavors and spices of meat to add to your dishes — like sweet Italian sausage, bratwurst, hot and spicy Italian chicken sausage links and so many other varieties. Take advantage of their shape by using them as heavier, more delicious hot dogs or slicing them up into coins to add into your soups, pasta dishes, vegetable stir-fries, omelets, potato salads and more.

Sausage links are usually used for their delicious consistency and flavors in their ready-made shapes, but you can also remove their casings to prepare the meat like you would ground meat — with all the goodness of the sausage’s unique spices and flavor.


When you’re in the mood for a quick fix and an easy solution for your dishes, patties can be just as convenient as grilled meat and can serve as an alternative for similar recipes. For example, meat patties like sweet Italian sausage patties give you a quicker, simpler route to fully-cooked burgers because they’re ready-shaped, but you can also use them for other dishes if they’re all you have on hand.

Patties are easy to cook and crumble to make taco meat and bigger pieces of goodness for ground-meat dishes like dips, sauces, pasta or vegetable skillets, chilis and soups. It all depends on what suits your style best.

Ground Meat

When it comes to meat-focused recipes, ground meat is the most versatile and easy to incorporate of all its fellow meat forms. Not only is it easy to prepare by stir-frying, grilling, baking or any type of cooking, but also it can also be shaped into whatever kind of form you need for your recipe.

If you’re hoping to concoct a delicious buffalo dip, nacho dip, layered dip or another appetizer, ground meat is your go-to — and it’s also great for meat sauces, chilis, baked beans, soups and other liquid-based entrees. In addition, ground meat makes amazing meatballs and burger patties when you’re up for seasoning and shaping your meat creations yourself. You can even add some seasoning and spice up your ground meat for easy tacos! Ground Italian sausage recipes offer so much flavor and possibility.

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