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Cooking Tips for Beginners

Cooking Tips for Beginners

There’s never a better time to perfect your cooking skills than now! When it comes to cooking, it’s always better late than never to learn a thing or two about meal preparation. At times, finding your way around the kitchen can be a difficult task. Don’t hang the apron before you even get started. With a few tips in mind, you’ll upgrade from clueless cooker to a pro chef in no time!

Never Crowd Your Pans

Sometimes, less is more. Don’t try to jam your pots and pans to the brim with meats and more to provide a larger serving size for your meal. While you may think doing so will cut out unnecessary cooking time, overcrowding your pans will inevitably do more harm than good. Food needs proper spacing to ensure moisture release during the cooking process. Generally, aim to space your meats out far enough so that they don’t touch.

Know Your Knives

If you’ve tried to cut your bagel with a butcher knife, it may be time to research different knives and their purposes. If you’re familiar with the basic butter knife, you know how hard it is to use this utensil for all cutting necessities. Knives possess varying degrees of sharpness, made to handle different tasks. Invest in a quality knife set that includes pairing knives, bread knives, carving knives and more! You’ll find that most of the food necessary for a tasty meal needs to be prepared beforehand — cutting included.

Research Recipes

Let’s face it. We can’t all be Rachel Ray — but we can try. If you’re new to the cooking scene, the internet may just be your new best friend. The web hosts an endless array of recipes crafted to fulfill every palette and flavor preference imaginable. For easy sausage recipes that even a beginner can master, start slowly and think simplistic. Recipes such as our Sweet & Sassy Strawberry Sausage Kabobs consists of only a handful of ingredients and require the mere use of a grill. If you’re craving a classic dish with an added flair, you can’t go wrong with our Premio Grilled Cheese either.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When shopping for the ingredients that will be the backbone of your next intended meal, focus on the quality of your ingredients at hand. You can’t expect your meatloaf to turn out delicious when using a mystery brand ketchup bottle to top off your meat. If your pantry is already full of ingredients, make sure everything is up-to-date and fresh. While you may have a cupboard packed to the brim with spices, don’t reach for the paprika that expired in 2001. Always value the quality of your ingredients over quantity.

Premio Foods provides only the freshest meats made with the highest quality ingredients on the market. When it comes to cooking, you probably think you shouldn’t have to settle – and we couldn’t agree more. Download our coupons online for additional savings or find a store near you to enjoy our real Italian sausage even sooner. Whether you’re a chef pro or a new beginner, we guarantee you’ll love our meats.

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