DIY Holiday Food Gift Ideas

DIY Holiday Food Gift Ideas

DIY Holiday Food Gift Ideas

No need to wrack your brain this year trying to come up with the perfect present; you can easily create some yummy DIY holiday gifts to safely drop off at doorsteps this holiday season to show your love from a distance.

You don’t have to stick with standard sweets like cookies and pastries, either. Savory delicacies make nice alternatives for holiday food gift ideas that always please.

Hungry for more? Check out our tips for DIY Christmas gifts for the folks on your shopping list.

Choosing the Perfect Holiday Food Gift Recipes

When it comes to picking recipes for your DIY holiday gifts, you have two basic types of foods. The first are goodies that are meant to be eaten over the course of a few days. These have a bit of a shelf life, particularly when stored properly. Think homemade confections like mouthwatering peanut butter and chocolate fudge or roasted and seasoned mixed nuts.

DIY Holiday Food Gift Ideas

In general, you’ll want to give longer-lasting DIY gifts when you need to mail them, or when the gifts might sit for a while. They’re ideally suited for the workplace because they’re something that your boss, team member or client doesn’t have to eat right away.

On the other hand, some fresh holiday recipes are meant to be enjoyed warm or on the same day they’re baked. Turn to these types of recipes when you’re delivering gifts to your neighbors and friends, or to the hostess at a small gathering.

Some of our all-time favorites include the festive Holiday Wreath Pizza, featuring sweet Italian sausage crumbles and red peppers delicately positioned as an eye-catching bow. Who wouldn’t appreciate a flavorful pizza with a cheerful twist? Another great choice for an eat-them-today treat is Sausage Stars. Crafted from meat-based dough and shaped with cookie cutters, these stars make a great snack when paired with a tasty dip or spread. Deliver them with your favorite dipping sauce, such as ranch dressing.

Packaging Your Tastiest DIY Christmas Gifts

After selecting your recipes and performing some culinary magic, you’ll want to complete your gift with the right type of packaging. Sure, you could just pop your treasures in disposable plastic containers. However, if you’re looking for unique package suggestions that show thoughtfulness and imagination, try these tips:

  • Put your items in a classic mason jar. Wrap the jar with a colorful ribbon. Be sure to include a label so your recipient knows what’s inside!
  • Decorate food-grade brown wrapping paper with non-toxic markers and stamps. Nestle non-oily treats in the paper and fold it into a package. Secure with ribbon or a sticker.
  • Purchase pretty, yet inexpensive trays. Fill the tray with goodies, and then cover the tray with heavy-duty clear cellophane wrap. Bind the cellophane at the top with a bright ribbon.
  • Create your own boxed set of items. Many places sell Thanksgiving and Christmas themed heavy cardboard boxes. Just find one that’s big enough, line it with some attractive tissue paper and you have an awesome setting for your present. This packaging works especially well if your gift has a few components, like Sausage Stars and sealed jars of dipping sauces — or a spread of homemade cookies.

Get Excited for DIY Holiday Food Gifts

Ready to make this year’s gift-giving a (delicious) breeze? Incorporate savory and sweet recipes into your plans. Be sure to start with premium ingredients for exceptional outcomes. And if you’re looking for Premio sausage, use our store locator to find some near you.

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