Grow Your Own Veggies

Grow Your Own Veggies

Have you ever wished that you knew your vegetables were not just fresh but also picked only moments before you used them in your favorite recipes? Your dreams can come true! The answer is to grow your own vegetable garden.

Worried that you need some kind of “green thumb” or magical ability to grow veggies that are delicious for you and your family? The truth is that all you have to do is follow a few simple tips. Even if you have only a windowsill or patio, you can grow at least some of the produce necessary for your next healthy sausage recipes for dinner.

Check out these ideas to grow a garden your neighbors will envy — and maybe enjoy, too!

Tips to Growing Veggies Outdoors

Grow Your Own Veggies

Ideally, you should have some space for your vegetable garden. This is particularly the case if you want to grow a bevy of veggies to go in your favorite roasted chorizo, garlic, vegetable and farfalle dish rather than a just handful of herbs. Try these hints to keep your garden on track.

  • Plan it out. Either using a piece of paper or your favorite software, map out your garden plot. That way, you will know where all your plants are growing and how to properly care for them.
  • Do some research. Every vegetable grows best under unique conditions. Be sure you understand how often your plants need to be watered, trimmed and pruned to get the best results. A little upfront research on the internet can save tons of time.
  • Give the veggies room. Instead of tossing seeds just inches apart, find out how much room the roots of each plant requires. Not only will you have a thriving garden but also your veggies will not be overcrowded.
  • Test your soil. Are you planting in your backyard? Make sure the soil is nutrient-rich and not depleted. You can buy a soil testing kit or simply supplement the current dirt with some richer soil from the local home improvement store.
  • Buy roomy pots. Maybe your planting is relegated to planters. No problem! Buy pots that are the right size, or your veggies’ roots will be too crowded and will be unable to grow due to lack of nutrients.

Tips to Growing Veggies Indoors

No outside area to plant? You can still have a garden for all your favorite healthy sausage recipes! You just need to get a little creative.

  • Seek out sunny areas. Do a spot check around your home or apartment. Which windows bring in the most natural sunlight during the day? Put your plants in front of those windows.
  • Stick to indoor-friendly veggies. Forget about the potatoes because they do not grow well in pots. Try cultivating herbs, vine tomatoes, leaf lettuce, scallions and maybe carrots.
  • Be the rain. Remember that you cannot count on Mother Nature to water your indoor veggie garden. Keep yourself on track by scheduling watering days so your garden receives enough moisture.

Healthy Veggies Year-Round

As you get more accustomed to having a garden outside, you may want to pull some plants indoors to enjoy every season. Imagine being able to make sausage and peppers with fresh zucchini noodles that you cultivated yourself. Who says that it’s tough to eat healthy? It’s easy when you have sausage from Premio Foods and a garden of your own!

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