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How to Brunch at Home

How to Brunch at Home

Lunches during the week can be a bit hectic, nor nonexistent. Weekends, though, give you the chance to slow down a little and enjoy a leisurely brunch. But what happens when you don’t want to go out to do it? Whether it’s brunch for one, two or a much larger group of your friends and family, planning brunch at home can be both easy and straightforward. Here are four simple ways to make your brunch a success without having to wake up at the crack of dawn or make a mess in your kitchen.

Quench Your Guests’ Thirst

Start your brunch off on the right foot by serving your guests a tasty and healthy smoothie. Multiple combinations of fruits, veggies and, yes, even chocolate can really complement each other — and the results are delicious! Coffee, tea and water are always good to have on hand, too.

Looking for a bit more drink pizzazz? You don’t have to wait until the sun sets to enjoy a delicious cocktail! We think brunch time calls for tasty drinks, too — and you don’t even need to add the alcohol.

Prep a non-alcoholic cocktail that reminds your guests of the delicious drinks they sip on at their favorite pubs and bars. You can use fresh fruits here, too, for a crisp and refreshing flair.

Skip Traditional Breakfast Meals

Think twice before you prepare a basic breakfast meal — especially if you find yourself tempted to whisk up scrambled eggs and pancakes for your brunch. Remember that it’s important not to skip the lunch portion of this meal in favor of just breakfast foods.

Too often people eat a stack of French toast, pancakes and bacon for their brunch and miss out on the deliciousness of this versatile mealtime. Wow your guests with affordable sausage recipes, and treat them to a well-rounded smorgasbord of options.

Prep Your House the Night Before

If you’re having guests for brunch, nothing induces stress quite like running around your house with the vacuum in one hand and the spatula in the other, only an hour before your guests are expected to arrive.

Reduce your morning workload by prepping your house the night before. Unlike hosting a dinner get-together that grants you more time for preparation, brunch is usually served in the late morning or early afternoon — which means it can seem more rushed. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, though. Just clean your home, set the table and sit back and relax while the smell of freshly-cooked entrees and side dishes lead your guests inside.

Prepare Mouth-Watering Recipes

You can’t prepare the perfect brunch get-together without choosing ideal foods first.

Whenever you find yourself blindly flipping through recipe books or undecided on what to prepare, remember to begin with delicious Premio Italian Sausage as your starting point and go from there.

For the main course meal, cook up our delicious Premio Great Morning Brunch Pizza — one of our favorite crispy sausage pizza recipes that fits perfectly into any brunch event. Add our mouth-watering Premio Brunch Cups that combine the best of breakfast and lunch essentials into one delicious and easy-to-devour finger food.

Every meal should be delicious — brunch included. Make sure your guests enjoy a meal that tastes just like home by preparing every dish with our tasty and fresh Premio Sausage varieties.

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