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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family this year? Whether you’re a holiday-hosting newbie or a seasoned pro, planning for a big holiday meal can be exciting but nerve-wracking. Pulling together any big meal can be a challenge, and there are a lot of expectations that come along with Thanksgiving dinner.

Luckily, we have some Thanksgiving dinner tips that can help you pull off the big meal. Use these ideas to stay organized before and during the cooking process, and your family will have a truly memorable holiday.

Plan Your Menu Well in Advance

Start researching recipes for menu inspiration now. This serves two purposes. One, you can put together your shopping list early. Two, you can explore all of your options and still have time to make changes without being worried about time. Remember to plan for any special food needs for your guests, such as gluten- and dairy-free options. Get started on your menu by searching through our holiday & entertaining recipes category – and don’t miss our Premio Sausage Stuffing!

Use Smart Strategies at the Grocery Store

Menu planning will allow you to hit the grocery store early, ahead of the crowds. The Sunday before Thanksgiving is the worst time to shop. You can stock up on the fresh things you need up to a week in advance. Planning ahead also gives you time to print out coupons for the things you need, such as the coupons for sausage we offer online. Also, look at your grocery store’s weekly specials to see where you can save.

Is there a sale on asparagus? Perhaps you can use that as your main vegetable instead of Brussel sprouts.

Choosing the Right Décor

In addition to serving great food on Thanksgiving, you’ll also want to have a great-looking table. Pull out the good china. Enlist the kids in the family to give your décor a more family-focused twist. Ask them to draw things they’re thankful for, and use their artwork as placemats. Then discuss them during dinner.

You also can’t go wrong with a cornucopia centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Gather pinecones and acorns from outside to give your homemade centerpiece a rustic feel. You could even splurge on some fancy napkins to use at dinner, for appetizers and during dessert.

Make Things Ahead of Time

Thanksgiving Day is a blur of cooking, watching football and catching up with relatives. You want to spend the least time possible prepping food, while still getting great results. Here are a few tricks:

  • Cook the best real Italian sausage you can find in advance for your stuffing
  • Make the mashed potatoes first thing in the morning, then put them in a slow cooker to stay warm, adding milk every couple hours
  • Bake your rolls up to three days in advance
  • Make the pies up to four days ahead of time

Follow Your Plan to Avoid Thanksgiving Day Surprises

Of course, not everything will go as planned, but most things will go faster and smoother when you know what you need to do. Take people up on their offers of help — it’s not all up to you to make this

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