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Must-Have Ingredients for Your Kitchen

Must-Have Ingredients for Your Kitchen

If you ask any two strangers on the street what their favorite flavors and meals are, you’ll likely receive two completely different responses. Our preferences in taste are just about as unique as we are, matching our individual personalities and partialities.

While the range of flavors that define the world may be wide and varied, there are a few staple ingredients that should line every individual’s shelves, and you should keep quick recipes on-hand for easy cooking. Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or a self-proclaimed chef, here’s a list of must-have ingredients everybody should have within arm’s reaching while cooking up a savory meal:

  • Olive Oil

While any cooking oil is necessary to sauté, grill and fry, olive oil is the ideal choice for fulfilling all of your cooking needs. Olive oil is a healthy alternative to its vegetable oil counterpart, rich in nutrients, oleic acid and healthy monounsaturated fats.

  • Wine

While wine is delicious on its own, it’s even better when added to your favorite meal. Wine works excellently at giving your dish an added tang of tastiness while evaporating the alcohol contents during the cooking process — leaving pure flavor behind. Our Mediterranean Tortellini captures the essence of a perfect dinner tied together with the flavorful addition of a hint of wine. This recipe is mentioned in a previous post, can we sub another recipe?

  • Salt and Peppers

Centuries ago, salt and pepper were so precious that people were willing to travel over treacherous seas and risk their lives for the seasonings. There’s a reason these spices are the staple in any individual’s kitchen pantry. Salt and pepper are traditional seasonings you can add to nearly any meal.

  • Marinara

Whether it’s tomato paste or sauce, a jar of marina always comes in handy – especially when pasta and noodles are involved. Our Layered Cheesy Chicken Sausage Marinara Fondue wouldn’t be complete without the added rich flavor of tomatoes.

  • Honey

While you may already find a cup of sugar sitting in your kitchen pantry, don’t forget to invest in a quality bottle of honey as well. Honey is sweet and natural, meaning you can add sugary zest to any meal without feeling guilty for using artificial flavors or unnatural substances. The next time you get a craving for both meat and honey, fix up some of our Sausage Apple Pockets for a delicious breakfast meal.

  • Meats

If you own a kitchen, your freezer should be lined with meats. You never want to run out of meal ideas and having the perfect array of meats at hand ensures you both variety and satisfaction. If your freezer seems to be lacking in the meat department, consider adding one of our sausage varieties to your list of kitchen essentials, and try our 30-minute sausage recipes to save time!

Pack Your Pantry and Fill Your Freezer

Make sure your kitchen isn’t lacking when it comes to ingredients. Stock up on the proper oils, spices, herbs and meats — of course. Browse our selection of meats online for easy delivery from our kitchen to yours.

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