Planning a Memorial Day Barbecue

Planning a Memorial Day Barbeque

Planning a Memorial Day Barbeque

Summer is coming up quickly and you know what that means — it’s time to get ready for all the picnics, parties and poolside fun again. You’re ready for grilling and gatherings, and Memorial Day is your first chance to celebrate the season.

Memorial Day weekend marks the end of the school year and the start of beach season — the perfect time for a barbeque. If you’re planning a party to kick off the summer, here are four tips on how to prepare for the best Memorial Day barbeque in your neighborhood.

1. Clean Up Your Yard

Before you host an outdoor party, you’ll need to make sure your yard is in the best shape to welcome both the season and your guests. Mow and fertilize the grass, trim the edges and make sure your landscaping is looking good.

Next, focus on the deck or patio area. Does your balcony need a fresh coat of paint? Does your patio need a good power washing? If your home’s siding looks a little dirty, it might be a good idea to power wash that area, too. With your deck or patio looking clean, it’s time to set up your outdoor furniture and make sure your grill is working. Now, you can start planning your barbeque.
Tips for Planning a Memorial Day BBQ

2. Find Fun Memorial Day Decor

Memorial Day weekend is a time to socialize, celebrate and start the summer. It’s all about fun — so you want to make sure your decorations match the occasion. Your decor doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated to be festive. Choose red, white and blue as your theme, and you’re set! Pick out some patriotic table cloths, napkins, plates and cups to mark the occasion. If you’re feeling a little extra patriotic, hanging some streamers from the roof or the railings also adds a fun touch.

3. Set Up Some Yard Games

No picnic is complete without a little play time. Whether you’re hosting families or only adults, everyone will enjoy some yard games. If you want to get everyone involved at once, organize your guests for some flag football or kickball after you eat.

4. Stock Up on Food

What’s the most important part of a Memorial Day barbeque? The food, of course. Your guests will come hungry for the flavors of the season, so give them something special to savor. The best barbeque food comes from the grill, and you have so many delicious grilling recipes to choose from.

Summer favorites like burgers are always a great idea, but you can also keep it fresh with unique options — like the best grilled sausage recipes. Complete with real Italian sausage and other tempting flavors, options like pineapple and sausage skewers or roasted vegetables and sausage are sure to make everyone’s mouth water.

Summer Inspiration From Premio

Ready to make this Memorial Day one to remember? Make sure you’re prepared for the party of the season. If you need more inspiration, explore Premio’s favorite Memorial Day Italian sausage recipes. Happy grilling!

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