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Soaking Up the First Day of Summer

Soaking Up the First Day of Summer

To celebrate the first day of summer, you need an atmosphere that screams “It’s Summer!” Set up some sprinklers, get your friends together and plan a picnic or backyard BBQ with dips and dishes featuring Premio sausage. Being active and out in the sun certainly works up an appetite!

The first day of summer is on its way, and you know what that means — warm weather, water activities, fun in the sun and friendly neighborhood get-togethers all through June, July and August. When the temperatures spark and the nights have you dreaming of luxurious beach vacations, we recommend celebrating the start of the season right at your own home! To welcome the first day of summer, here are three fun warm-weather activities you can organize yourself.

Setting Up Sprinklers

Nothing says warm weather like starting off the season with a splash! Because the new summer sun will leave you with a craving for cooling off, change into your swimsuits and enjoy an afternoon or evening of running around and relishing the refreshing fun of water — and you don’t even have to leave your backyard! Set up some sprinklers on your lawn, grab the kids and a few friends and spend some hours splashing, playing catch or tag in the cool water or slipping and sliding to your heart’s content.

Playing Neighborhood Games

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay active, engage with your friends and neighbors and enjoy the warm weather, why not organize neighborhood sports or games? Pick a parking lot, playground, basketball court or big backyard and get together your closest friends and neighbors to compete in a few friendly games of kickball, whiffle ball, football, basketball, hide and seek or other fun options. Nothing works up a sweat and gets you into the spirit of summer vacation like blowing off steam and making the most of the weather with a few hours of outdoor activity and engaging with your community or close friends.

Planning a Picnic

Hoping to host a more formal summer get-together to kick off the season? Why not plan a celebratory picnic for the start of summer, complete with games, socialization and delicious snacks, dips and dishes? Invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers for a summertime bash and prepare to cook up the tastiest foods for your guests.

If you’re looking for inspiration for delectable dishes to try on the grill, explore Premio’s delicious variety of grilling sausage recipes to serve up as snacks, dips and main dishes. Try summery shrimp and sausage skewers, easy-to-make Premio sausage grilled cheese, creative sausage burgers and other fun options made with real Italian sausage that will delight you and your guests as you relax, chat and enjoy the start of the season.

Start the Season With Premio

When you’re looking for delicious recipe inspiration and high-quality, all natural sausage for grilling at your summer get-togethers, trust Premio’s passionate selection of Italian classics and other ethnic varieties. Search for our products in a store near you or find online sausage coupons today.

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