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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Hoagie

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Hoagie

After originating in Philadephia, the hoagie sandwich became an instant classic. These sandwiches, which can also be referred to as subs, torpedos, Italians, grinders, and a variety of other names, don’t really have a clear history. There are at least four theories, though, with the most popular one claiming that they came about during the World War I era when Italians worked in the Hog Island shipyard. This theory explains that they were the ones who introduced the “Hog Island sandwich,” which later came to be known as a “hoagie.”

How to Create a Hoagie

If you’re missing the hoagies from your favorite hoagie shop, we’ve put together five tips on how you can create the perfect hot or cold hoagie at home!

  1. Bread: Since bread is your base layer, you don’t want it to be too soft, since it will be holding everything together. Typically, long Italian rolls or French bread are used. Feeling healthy? Grab a whole wheat version instead of white. Once you make your bread choice, evenly slice it down the middle.
  2. Condiments and oil: Next up are condiments and oil. You can use straight extra-virgin olive oil, canola or vegetable oil. You can also add a refreshing splash with oil and vinegar mixed together. Hoagies also taste great with mayonnaise, mustard or your favorite deli sauce.
  3. Cheese: Typically, Provolone and American cheeses are used, but you can always add your personal favorite instead.
  4. Meat: Hoagies are traditionally made using Italian lunch means such as dry salami or pepperoni. You can add a kick with sweet and hot Italian sausage or even Chorizo.
  5. Toppings: Toppings add the finishing layer of crunch and flavor. Add some iceberg or romaine lettuce, tomato and onion onto your hoagie. Want a bit more flavor and zing? Add some spicy peppers or pepperoncini. Don’t forget your seasoning! Finish off your sandwich with a dash of salt, pepper and oregano.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Hoagie

Add A Flavorful Twist to the Classic Hoagie

Whether you prefer sweet or hot varieties, sausage adds a juicy and flavorful twist to hoagies. Check out two of our favorite affordable sausage recipes below.

Da Filly Premio Sausage and Veggie Hoagie

If you want a unique spin on the classic hoagie, try our Da Filly Premio Sausage and Veggie Hoagie. Skewered and grilled, this mix of mild Italian sausage and crisp veggies will delight your entire family.

Chorizo Hoagies With Tangy Cabbage-Pepper Relish

Chorizo takes center stage in our Chorizo Hoagies With Tangy Cabbage-Pepper Relish. Topped with cabbage, peppers, onions, carrots and plenty of seasoning, these hoagies will definitely make you want seconds!

Enjoy Hoagies at Home with Premio Foods

At Premio Foods, we offer a wide range of the best Italian sausages online. From our traditional Italian sausages to our world flavors, we take pride in our sausage-making tradition which spans almost seven decades. Please let us know if you have any questions!

How do you plan on making your own homemade hoagie? Let us know in the comments below!

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