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Getting Ready for Going Back to School

Getting Ready for Going Back to School

As the sunny days of August come to an end, and we say goodbye to the pools, picnics, beach trips and barbeques of summer vacation, it’s time to gear up for school again and get the kids back on schedule. A big part of back-to-school prep is planning healthy meals and making sure quick, easy meals are on the menu for packing lunches.

Looking for some assistance with planning, packing and picking the perfect recipes for your kids to enjoy at school? From preparation tips to quick, cheap sausage recipes your kids will love, this guide will cover everything you need to start this school year off with a bang!

Meal Prep

A great way to make sure your kids are good to go with lunch every day is to start every school week with a full docket of lunches by meal prepping! Every Sunday, set aside a little time to chop, cook and put those portions in Tupperware and plastic baggies so everything is ready to grab and place in your kids’ lunchboxes each morning. Here are some tips for building the best lunches ahead of time:

  • Keep It Healthy: Your kids might love those easy, pre-packed lunch packs and snack bags with artificial additives, but they’re not what’s best for powering them through the day. It only takes a little bit of time to whip up something natural and nutritious — and it can be as simple as chopping some bite-sized vegetables or throwing in a clementine. Try to balance each lunch with a portion of fruit and vegetables, as well as your main course.
  • Pack It Up: Rather than preparing food in segments and packing it as you go or even making everything at once and keeping it in one big container, break down your lunch portions into individual bags or containers. Then, stack them in a specific place in your fridge so they’re easy to grab. Portioning each lunch ahead of time makes every school day easier and also ensures you don’t overpack.
  • Add Some Variety: Your kids might get sick of the same sandwich every day, so spice things up a little! Prepare at least two types of fruits and vegetables every week, and keep your kids interested in their daily lunches by trying new recipes whenever you can.

Use Premio’s Kid-Friendly Recipes

Looking for quick, easy recipes to delight your kids and save money while you try tasty new flavors? Whether you’re preparing these quick sausage recipes for dinner or other kid-friendly recipes to make meal prepping easier, Premio has the recipe inspiration and delicious ingredients to save you time without breaking the bank.

Our kid-friendly recipes include fun, tasty options perfect for lunches. Pasta lovers can try Premio Sausage Mac n’ Cheese for a protein-packed lunch entree all week, or spice things up with some Classic Spaghetti and Sausage. For fun finger foods, prepare some sweet and savory Apple Sausage Rings for a brunch-style lunch, or fall back on a favorite by packing a sausage-packed, breakfasty take on pizza.

Whatever you cook up for your meal prep, your kids are sure to love their lunches. Check out all our delicious, easy recipes for even more inspiration.

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