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Kick off Football Season With a Bang

Kick off Football Season With a Bang

It’s that time of year again! Your teams are back, hopes are high and you’re ready for another few months of cheering, celebrating and reveling in those game-day festivities. Football season is back, and you’re gearing up to make this year the best yet.

When you’re enjoying the game from home, there’s nothing better than gathering a few friends and fellow fans and rooting for your favorite team together. Looking to make this year’s football Sundays more festive than ever so that you can support your team with good spirits and good Juju? Here’s what you need to make your game celebrations superior and start the season off with a bang!

Team Colors

When it comes to planning your game day celebration, you want the setting of your football party to be as enthusiastic as you and your fellow fans — and that means decking out your house and your wardrobe with colors that support your team.

So how can you incorporate your team colors into your game-day getup and living room? First, make sure you dress in a jersey to rep the player you’re rooting for most. If you don’t have one, choose clothing that matches your favorite team’s colors, and tell your guests to do the same.

To make your house just as festive as your outfit, you don’t have to change your home decor — just hang up some banners or streamers in your team’s colors, or choose napkins and paper plates that match. Get your spirit on!

Football Props

In addition to decking out the day in your favorite football team’s colors, you should aim to make the kitchen and living room as football-oriented as possible.

Want to get into the game like you’re watching from the stadium itself? Prepare for the night with a supply of foam footballs to toss around during halftime and commercial breaks, show your support with whistles and get a little goofy with foam fingers to rep your team. Not only will you and your friends feel like you’re a part of the game, but you’ll have a blast.

Football Foods

Along with the game on TV, your jerseys and team colors and your fun football props, no game-day celebration is complete without those tempting, traditional football favorite foods to keep you amped up all night. Not only do you need classic snacks like chips, dips and veggie trays — for a complete game day experience, but you’ll also need the tastiest tailgating grilling recipes.

If you’re looking for filling, flavorful recipes to serve up and keep you satisfied, grab a pack or two of Premio’s Italian Sausage Hot and Sweet Combo and get cooking with our favorite sausage dishes. With so many delicious game day options like Touchdown Taco Dip, Mango Tango Super Bowl Dip, Pineapple Bacon Baked Beans With Sausage, sausage burgers and more, your season start-off party and every game day will be a success! Pick up Premio sausage in a store near you today.

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