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Small Holiday Dinner Ideas

Small Holiday Dinner Ideas

The holidays are a time of gathering together with your friends and family while enjoying good food around the table. If you’re hosting a small dinner with your loved ones this year, you probably don’t need an entire turkey or ham. There are plenty of delicious alternatives to holiday standards, so why not start some new traditions?

Check out five of our favorite small Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner ideas to try this holiday season.

1. Grandma’s Holiday Lasagna

If your family adores traditional Italian flavors, they’ll love indulging in this festive recipe for Grandma’s Holiday Lasagna. Combined with your favorite Premio sausage, this dish is savory and filling. The sauce, which features sauteed onions and a dash of white pepper and nutmeg, is bursting with flavor.

This cheesy, creamy dish even incorporates a fresh homemade pesto for the perfect finishing touch. Topped with a garnish of tomato sauce and a basil leaf, this lasagna will look just as good as it tastes.

2. Holiday Premio Sausage and Peppers Casserole

Nothing warms you up like a cozy casserole on a chilly Thanksgiving or Christmas day. This Holiday Premio Sausage and Peppers Casserole recipe combines sweet and hot Italian sausage with a medley of colorful bell peppers. Onions and tomatoes add complementing flavors while spices like oregano, thyme and rosemary help round out the dish.

Once the sausage, veggies and spices are sauteed, all you have left to do is toss in the penne pasta, spoon it into a casserole dish and then finish it off in the oven.

3. Sausage Stroganoff

With sweet Italian sausage piled up on wide egg noodles, this Sausage Stroganoff recipe is the perfect small dinner idea for the holiday season. Mushrooms, garlic and onions add plenty of flavor to the thick, creamy sauce.

Of course, no dish is complete without a few spices. Paprika, freshly ground pepper and dried parsley all come together to add the perfect balance of flavor to this hearty recipe.

4. Crispy Potato Roast With Premio Sausage

If your family craves a cozy roast during the holiday season, you’ll want to check out this Crispy Potato Roast with Premio Sausage. Sweet sausage and russet potatoes star in this dish while thin onion slices, red pepper flakes and thyme add a homey flavor.

Whether you use it as a side or main course, your family will find this recipe hard to resist.

5. Premio Comfort Mac and Sausage Bake

Everyone loves mac and cheese, so why not surprise your family during the holidays with this festive Premio Comfort Mac and Sausage Bake recipe? This mouthwatering bake combines both hot and sweet Italian sausage. With a homemade cheesy sauce, spinach, stewed tomatoes and a blend of traditional Italian spices, you might just find that this dish becomes a year-round staple in your house.

Make Your Small Holiday Dinner Memorable This Year

Whether you’re planning a small get together for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, Premio Foods is passionate about helping you bring together your friends and family for traditional Italian favorites. For over 40 years, we’ve been making fine sausage using butcher quality cuts of meat, seasoned with a blend of spices.

To find our products in a store near you, use our quick and easy store locator tool. Feel free to share in the comments what main course or side you are most looking forward to this holiday season!


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