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Staying Healthy During Summer

Staying Healthy During Summer

Summertime may give you tons of opportunities to hang out in the beautiful weather, but it can still be hard to lose weight. After all, those pool parties and picnics usually involve calorie heavy foods.

Rather than worry about gaining weight or losing your healthy momentum this summer, use some of our hints to make good choices. That way, you can go to all the social gatherings you want and always leave feeling good about the foods you eat.

Bring a Bottle of Infused Water With You

Did you know your brain sometimes sends hunger signals when you are actually thirsty? Make sure you never misread your hunger pangs again by taking water with you. Buy a reusable water bottle and fill it throughout the day. For an added boost of flavor, try infusing your regular water with slices of lemon, lime, cucumbers, strawberries or other produce. This will give your water a slight kick and keep you drinking more rather than snacking all the time.

Make Smoothies Every Morning for Breakfast

Get off the cereal and toast train during the summer and opt for fresh fruit and veggie smoothies instead. Smoothies allow you to get creative and indulge in a wide range of flavors. You can also adjust them to meet your nutrition needs. For instance, you may want to add a dollop of peanut butter or even a handful of seeds to your morning smoothie. Experiment throughout the summer with fresh ingredients to keep your taste buds happy and cut down on fatty, unfilling breakfasts.

Cook Low-Carb

A low-carb diet is not necessary for everyone, but some people respond well when they minimize their carbs. The good news is there are tons of easy, low-carb sausage recipes to keep you from feeling deprived. How could you feel anything but excited at the thought of biting into Spicy Sausage Pecan Salmon?

Switch to Chicken Sausage

If you love your sausage, you never have to give it up to stay on top of your summer diet. A good way to keep sausage in your daily and weekly meals if you are trying to eat leaner meats is to opt for chicken sausage. Chicken sausage can replace other types of sausage in any recipe, such as chicken sausage with kale, making it a simple fix that leaves you satisfied. Case in point — our Premio Grilled General Tso’s Cauliflower and Chicken Sausage Kebabs, a healthy chicken sausage recipe that is easy to tweak by adding vegetables.

Swap Out Traditional Treats for Sweet, Better-for-You Foods

The graduation party table may groan with an assortment of cakes, pies and cookies. However, do yourself a big favor and head straight to the fruit salad. Even a piece of fresh fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth. Problem solved.

Walk or Bike Whenever You Can

A final suggestion to have an all-around healthier summer is to forgo motor transportation more often. Why drive when you can bike or walk? You will burn more calories and do your body a world of good.

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