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Summer of Salads

Summer of Salads

The warm, blushing days of June are back, and July and August lay hot ahead. When the sun is blazing in the sky and you dream of long beach vacations and sunbathing in the sand, sometimes the best way to cool off is with a savory summer snack. Just like we savor the warmth and comfort of soothing soup through the cold winter, summer has us craving the refreshing crunch and vivid flavors of a fresh salad.

Nothing complements leafy greens and keeps us powered through the high-temperature days like a healthy dose of delicious protein, so add a tasty touch of meat to your salad meals by incorporating real Italian sausage. Not sure where to start? Your summer salad inspiration begins here. Check out our four best Italian sausage recipes for salads to satisfy you all summer long.

Crisp and Tangy Grilled Summer Sausage Salad

Looking for a simple salad packed with tantalizingly tangy summer ingredients? Our Crisp and Tangy Grilled Summer Sausage Salad delivers a delicious blend of savory and citrusy freshness. Packed with intense flavors like spinach and fennel, seasoned with the opposing tanginess of orange and vinegar and topped off with a sweet sausage surprise, this salad brings summer home to your taste buds.

Start by washing your baby spinach and preparing your hints of fresh flavor. Shave your fennel and place in a bowl of cold water, finely dice your scallions, zest your orange and set the shavings aside. Next, slice your orange into 1/2-in. pieces and cut each in half again. Mix your orange zest, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil together with a whisk to make the dressing, then grill your sausage for about 30 minutes until golden brown. Assemble your salad by topping your spinach with sliced sausage, orange and fennel, then sprinkle scallions and dressing on top. Enjoy!

Strawberry Spinach Salad With Sweet Basil Sausage

Do you like your salads with a unique texture and an irresistible touch of sweetness? Try our Strawberry Spinach and Sweet Basil Sausage Salad this summer.

Start by candying some crunchy pecans — boil water, sugar, salt, cinnamon and butter to create your glaze, then add pecans for two to three minutes and lay out the nuts on a cookie sheet to harden. To create your balsamic red wine vinegar dressing, boil red wine for one minute and remove from heat, then add sugar, salt, vinegar and oil and stir well. Finally, toss strawberries, spinach, red onion and cooked Sweet Basil sausage slices together with the dressing. Sprinkle with candied pecans and serve.

Quinoa Mexican Salad With Sausage

When you’re looking for a healthy salad recipe with a Southern twist, our Quinoa Mexican Salad with Sausage is sure to satisfy! Combining the fresh flavors of corn, cilantro, tomato, scallions, avocado, lime and black beans with the spicy addition of Premio Chorizo sausage, this salad says summer like no other.

Blend olive oil, lime juice, cilantro leaves, cumin and garlic to make your dressing. Cook your quinoa according to directions until fluffy, then stir-fry your sausage until golden brown and break into small pieces. Combine your quinoa, sausage, cooked corn, black beans, avocado, scallions and tomatoes, toss with your dressing and top with chopped cilantro.

Sizzling Summer Premio Sausage and Raspberry Salad

Test your taste buds with the combined contrasting flavors of tangy, sweet, rich and nutty in this unique Sizzling Summer Premio Sausage and Raspberry Salad.

Cook your Premio Sweet Italian Sausage for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown and set aside. Then, heat olive oil, vinegar, capers, garlic, lemon zest and pepper in a small pan on the grill rack until blended and warm. Place your sausage on top of a bed of baby spinach, then sprinkle with raspberries, pine nuts, currants and basil.

Pick Premio for Your Satisfying Summer Salads

Which recipe is your favorite? No matter which of these you decide to toss together this season, search for our products in a store near you download our online coupons to save on your sausage purchases today.

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