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Tips for Throwing a BBQ on a Budget

Tips for Throwing a BBQ on a Budget

Summertime is here, which means it’s time to get ready for a classic summer food event: a BBQ! Throwing a BBQ for your family and friends is a staple of summertime, and we’ve got the best cheap BBQ ideas for you to wow your guests with fantastic food, drinks and atmosphere. So, put on your apron, dust off that grill and get ready to host a delicious and affordable BBQ for your friends and family.

1. Plan Ahead

One of the best tips to save money and expenses for any food-related event is to plan your meals. One top planning tip is to calculate how much food you will need. Purchasing too much food that no one will eat can be a waste of both money and food. Think about the number of guests you have, what they typically eat and what you and your family usually enjoy.

You can also plan your menu based on what’s on sale. Check out your local supermarket’s website or weekly ad and see what’s currently on sale or if there are deals on any items. You can even save on your meals after the BBQ if you find a discount on a particular item, such as “buy one, get one free.”

2. Ask Guests to Help

Having guests bring certain dishes is a great way to save money and allows them to share their favorite items that they enjoy. Guests may ask if they can bring anything because they want to help and contribute, so you should let them. Another perk? You might get to try something new.

Ask guests to bring their own drinks or a side or dessert to share. Putting your guests in charge of bringing a few things will allow you to focus on the basics and get everything ready for the big day.

3. Make Your Own Drinks

If you want to provide all of the drinks for your BBQ, an excellent cost-saving option is to make all of your own drinks or cocktails. Buying individual cans and bottles can get expensive, and they often don’t last long if you have a larger group attending. Whipping up a big batch of your favorite cocktail can be the perfect budget option when it comes to BBQ drinks.

Buying the ingredients for a cocktail is usually a lot cheaper, and they will often last longer, allowing you to keep the drinks flowing all night long. Additionally, cocktails are typically more fun to drink.

4. Use Cheaper Cuts of Meat

Premium cuts of meat such as boneless chicken thighs, filet mignon or boneless ribeye steaks are expensive, especially if you need to buy for many guests. Instead, opt for cheaper options such as flank or T-bone steaks or more affordable chicken options such as drumsticks or bone-in thighs.

Packs of hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage are also great cost-saving options. A sausage pack usually contains several links, which means you can serve many of your guests with just one pack. Premio sausage cooks quickly and pairs well with many sides so it can even be your main dish, and it’s the perfect budget BBQ companion.

5. Keep Sides Simple

Sticking to the classics and keeping your sides simple is the key to throwing a BBQ on a budget. Focusing on buying cheap veggies to turn into delicious sides can help you save money and will still leave your guests full and satisfied. Kebabs are a BBQ classic and are a great way to combine several veggies and cheaper cuts of meat into a tasty treat.

And if you’re looking for something a little fancier, we’ve got you covered. Check out our delicious grilled corn and sausage extravaganza recipe as a cheap option that is sure to wow your guests. Or try our sausage, pineapple and red onion kebabs, which are sure to go down as a BBQ favorite.

6. Save on Supplies

Using fancy utensils and decorations probably isn’t on your priority list if you plan to save money. If you already have plenty of plates and utensils, then you should use those for your guests. While it might mean you need to do the dishes later, it will save you a ton of money on buying paper products that aren’t reusable. You can also ask your guests to bring their own chairs if you find you are running short.

If you must buy any supplies, head over to a discount or dollar store to purchase paper products and simple decorations for cheap!

7. Make It Homemade

Making homemade sauces and dips is an excellent way to wow your guests and save money. Store-bought dressings and spices can be expensive, and they often aren’t enough for all of your guests. Use some ingredients you might already have in your pantry or that you’ve already bought for your BBQ, and whip up a dip that will impress your family and friends and keep that change in your pocket.

A simple dip goes a long way and can help keep your guests snacking even after the main meal is over. Try this delicious sausage dip that goes perfectly with tortilla chips and is sure to keep your guests coming back for more. If you’re looking for a little Mexican flavor, check out this avocado, sausage, tomato and mango salsa perfect for a side or appetizer.

8. Create Engaging Outdoor Activities for Children on the Cheap

If you have kids attending your BBQ or little ones of your own, you will probably need to keep them entertained throughout your event. Fortunately, you can organize tons of cheap, kid-friendly summer activities to keep them entertained. As we mentioned before, discount and dollar stores are excellent places to start. You can buy chalk, balloons, bubbles and even frisbees or balls for just a few dollars and create engaging outdoor activities such as hopscotch or a scavenger hunt.

Your guests will be impressed that their kids are having a great time, and it didn’t break the bank for you to provide the little ones with some fun activities.

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