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4 Warm Recipes for the Winter

4 Warm Recipes for the Winter

When the weather outside is bitter cold, you need simple comforts to warm your heart and soul. A toasty blanket checks at least one of those boxes, but so does good food and close family. We have four recipes for winter here that will help you entertain or serve a feast on a snowed-in night.

Whether you have a party of guests or dinner to make for your loved ones, just follow our simple instructions for any of these four recipes. Substitute in Premio hot Italian sausage to these dishes, and reinvigorate anyone from the chill.

1. Warm Artichoke, Premio Sausage and Bacon Dip

If you need a hearty appetizer for a crowd around a television or a fireplace, try out our delicious Warm Artichoke, Premio Sausage and Bacon Dip recipe. As the name suggests, this recipe combines bits of our sweet Italian chicken sausage and your favorite choice of bacon to make a rich, scoopable spread.

You can prepare the dip with ease using a single skillet to cook the sausage, bacon and other ingredients step-by-step. After a blend with a food processor and a bake in the oven, you have a centerpiece for your snack bowl that the folks you know will go diving in for more.

We suggest preparing this dish with the homemade pita bread chips you’ll find in this recipe, but experiment with any dippable snack that could use a creamy kick!

Warm Recipes for Winter

2. Warm Sausage and Potato Salad

When regular potato salads won’t cut it, accentuate them with our sweet Italian sausage. Our recipe for Warm Sausage and Potato Salad will liven up the dinner table — and a typical serving of spinach.

Simply slice up pieces of cooked potato and sausage, then combine them with the greens and dressing. It only takes four steps to serve the whole family, and the flair from a bit of dijon mustard and the smoky taste of the meat will melt away the cold. Plus, you can try tossing in additional veggies.

3. Instant Pot Italian Wedding Soup

If you have an instant pot at home, it’s time to warm that cooking appliance up, too, with Premio’s Instant Pot Italian Wedding Soup. Our Italian sausage makes a delicious meatball to pair with either the chicken or beef broth of your choice.

This hearty dish includes orzo pasta and egg to make this a true marriage of many ingredients. You can also add your own twist to this recipe by using the seasonings you prefer.

4. Red Hot Chili With Rum

For those who love spicy recipes for the winter, we recommend our recipe for Red Hot Chili With Rum. Our hot Italian sausage raises the heat alongside chopped peppers and onions.

Combine a small list of ingredients with browned sausage and let your meal simmer away. There are plenty of other Premio sausage varieties to try, too, if you prefer things a little milder.

If you’ve found the perfect recipe to turn the winter days and nights extra toasty, find a store that sells Premio sausage today!

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