Find The Perfect Soup To Warm You Up This Winter Season

Winter Soup Options

Winter Soup Options

When the chilly season rolls in, it’s good to have some winter soup recipes ready. Making soups with delicious sausage products is simple thanks to Premio Foods.

Whether you’re cooking for one or need to feed a few mouths in the family, here are some of our favorite hearty winter soup recipes to try.

1. Instant Pot Italian Wedding Soup

If you’re a fan of rich garlic tastes, you’ll love Instant Pot Italian Wedding Soup. This dish incorporates Premio Sweet Italian Sausage with the skin removed. With bite-size meatballs made from breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, minced garlic and a few other ingredients, you’ll be reaching for the ladle to scoop up a second helping.

Instant Pot Italian Wedding Soup is a fantastic winter recipe featuring warm broth, spinach and pasta for something that will keep you full. Note that you’ll need a multi-cooker pot that can bring the sausage-based meatballs to 165 degrees or higher.

2. Annie’s Easy-Peasy Kale and Sausage Soup

We recommend Annie’s Easy-Peasy Kale and Sausage Soup to anyone who needs to feed between four and six people. Grab a package of Premio Mild Italian Sausage, take the casings off and break the sausage into bite-size pieces to create something your whole family will request again.

This hearty soup recipe calls for chopped kale, sweet onion, potatoes, kidney beans, chicken broth, garlic and Italian seasoning for a powerful taste. Little preparation is required to finish the soup — just cook the sausage according to the package instructions, combine all ingredients, allow the soup to boil and let the mixture simmer for two hours. Then, you’re ready to dine!

3. Polish Sausage Soup

A filling soup with Kielbasa sausage flavors is none other than our Polish Sausage Soup. Slice up your favorite Premio World Sausage product, grab some potatoes, green beans and onions, and you’re ready to prepare this dish.

You’ll need an electric skillet to cook the sausage until it is brown. Transfer all of your ingredients to a Dutch oven to continue heating everything through. Polish Sausage Soup is ready to eat after you let it cool. Consider making some cornbread for a side that ties your entire meal together.

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