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Sausage Flavors for Every Palate

Sausage Flavors for Every Palate

It’s a universal fact that sausage is delicious. But while sausage fits seamlessly into any dish, and is versatile in its wide variety of uses, did you know that there are many different types of sausages, too?

If you’re accustomed to the traditional Italian sausage, expand your range with a fresh new flavor while still chowing down on that same delicious taste that defines your favorite sausage meals. From the savory flavor of our sweet Luganiga sausage to the hot and spicy zeal of our Cajun-style sausage, be sure to check out our list of premium sausages below to find your new favorite variety.

Sweet Luganiga

Sometimes, you want a taste without too much of kick that still delivers when it comes to flavor. If this sounds like you, then be sure to check out our Sweet Luganiga Sausage for your next meal.

Our Sweet Luganiga Sausage combines our favorite ingredients into one mouth-watering link. If you find your current sausage lacking in flavor, sweet Luganiga puts that much-needed “oomph” into every recipe. Also, if you want a sausage that works well as a solo dish, this variety will provide you with just the right level of tastiness all by itself.


Indulge in the flavor of Authentic German meats prepared with the best top-quality pork and seasonings when you take a bite of our delicious Premio Bratwurst. While this sausage has its origins in Germany, that doesn’t mean it can’t find its place in your kitchen, too.

Buy bratwurst sausage to ramp up the flavor in meals for special events, reunions or simple family get-togethers. The unique blend of spices and pork are perfect for grills and stoves alike.

Cajun Sausage

Sometimes, you want your sausage to have a little extra kick, and our Cajun Style Sausage delivers.

If you’re one for hot and spicy entrees, our delicious Cajun Style Sausage brings the true taste of the bayou right into your home. When you want a quick and easy meal, just add your Cajun Sausage to the skillet. Serve it solo, as a sandwich or in jambalaya, for some authentic Southern flair.


The taste of Kielbasa is hard to beat. While Bratwurst may bring a touch of Germany to your kitchen, Kielbasa brings in a little bit of Poland. If you want to enjoy your traditional sausage without the taste of spicy additions or ingredients, opt for our fresh Premio Kielbasa sausage links instead.

Pair your Kielbasa with a dish of sauerkraut and smoked vegetables, for the ultimate tailgating platter that’ll leave all of your family, friends and loved ones asking you about your cooking secrets.

Hot Italian

For a classic taste that goes great in all kinds of different dishes, you can’t go wrong with Hot Italian sausage. Whether you buy the links or the meat, this is such a versatile pick that adds a bit of heat to your favorite dishes.

Cook it on its own and eat it with a plate of spaghetti for an easy yet delicious meal. Cut it up and add it to your favorite soup to add some extra flavor and spice. However you cook with this type of sausage, your dish is sure to come out incredible. For that classic pick with just a little bit of heat, choose Premio Hot Italian sausage.


If you’re wanting a little more spice, choose Premio Chorizo Sausage for a stand-out ingredient! When you’re looking for ways to get more creative with some of your favorite go-to recipes, this type makes the perfect substitute. Add it to a breakfast bake instead of a more subtle breakfast sausage or eat it on its own as a sandwich! With a unique flavor where paprika and vinegar come through, this is a great choice.

Trying out this delicious sausage is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, too. If you stick to Sweet Italian or Mild Italian, you’re missing out on some of the extra spice and flavor that comes from the sausage. Our chorizo Sausage brings the flavor in all kinds of different dishes.

Breakfast Sausage

At breakfast time, some of our favorite dishes combine both sweet and the savory flavors. From pancakes with maple syrup to Belgian waffles topped with fruit, these two unique flavors complement each other so well that your family won’t be able to get enough of it. Premio’s Breakfast Sausage goes great with any other breakfast foods on your plate.

A good breakfast is an essential part of starting your day on the right foot. With something as delicious as this tender breakfast sausage, you’ll never skip this meal again! Make them with some eggs and toast for a classic breakfast or cook them up with your favorite quiche or casserole recipe — however you eat them, you know they will taste amazing.

Italian Chicken With Cheese & Garlic

With leaner meat and extra flavors added in, Premio’s Italian Chicken Sausage with Cheese & Garlic is one of our unique and delicious flavors. For those who are more health-conscious, our chicken sausage has less fat than some of our other types of sausages. Even though it’s lower in fat, you don’t miss out on any flavor! When you try this type of Premio sausage for the first time, it may just become one of your new favorites, even if you tend to stick to the more classic flavors.

You can use this sausage in all kinds of different dishes. With the cheese and garlic added to the chicken, this type of sausage goes great in lots of Italian dishes, from lasagnas to Alfredo dishes and more. But, even though Italian is in the name, don’t be afraid to branch out! The wonderful thing about cooking is that you can get creative and end up with an incredibly unique meal.

Make Every Meal Fresh and Delicious

Your family deserves nothing short of perfection in every meal, so make sure your ingredients deliver when it comes to fresh, savory flavor. Whether it’s Bratwurst, Italian specialty sausages or our traditional varieties, our sausages are prepared with familiar, fresh and authentic flavors you’ll want to establish as an everyday part of your meal making. Remember to download our printable coupons online for added savings on every meal.

When it comes to sausages, we make it easy to explore many different varieties. Try them all and let us know your favorites!

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