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Why Choose Chicken Sausage

Why Choose Chicken Sausage

When daydreaming about nibbling down into a juicy bite of sausage, be sure to include chicken — and not just pork — in your palatable fantasies. While pork is the traditional component of any good old-fashioned sausage meal, that doesn’t mean it has to be the only meat of choice. A freshly cooked Italian chicken sausage is just as good as its pork and turkey counterparts — with an array of added benefits that make them widely favored amongst sausage fanatics as well.

Whether you’ve never heard of this poultry option or are hesitant about the change in flavor, we guarantee you’ll love our Premio Chicken Sausage and the benefits it boasts.

A Healthy Alternative

Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle and make better dietary choices? When you’re cutting back on calories, trying to lose weight or simply aiming to improve your health, the first things you should avoid are sugar, fat and sodium. That’s where chicken comes in, offering you a filling, flavorful alternative to your favorite meat products — like sausage.

Chicken is a lean meat, meaning less sodium and fat on your plate! Whether you’re looking for a healthy alternative to traditional pork or are aiming to be more health-conscientious, chicken sausage provides you with the added assurance of a tasty meal at only a fraction of the fat content. In fact, our chicken sausage contains 60 percent less fat than USDA regulations for pork, with only 7 grams of fat per serving compared to the 19 grams typical in beef and pork sausage.

With our chicken products, you can satisfy your cravings and your body with some tasty and healthy protein. In addition, Premio chicken sausage is an all-natural product — with no artificial additives, preservatives, MSG or trans fats. Talk about hearty and healthy.

High Protein Content

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy body, protein is an extremely important part of your diet. As the building blocks of your body, protein supports your muscles and tendons, helps your organs perform properly, promotes healthy skin and can even aid weight loss. To maintain the right level of energy and support body function, the average man needs 56 grams of protein a day, while the average woman needs 46 grams. If you hit the gym or do a lot of cardio, you might need even more protein.

Our delicious spicy and sweet Italian chicken sausage offers a healthy dose of lean protein in every link — with 13 grams of protein in each serving size. Support a strong, nutritious lifestyle by enjoying our delicious chicken sausage in your dinners.

Gluten-Free Goodness

Do you or a member of your family have an aversion to gluten? Whether you’re cutting out gluten for dietary reasons or avoiding it because of an intolerance, you might worry about the gluten in some sausage fillers, Thankfully, you can enjoy our chicken sausage worry-free. Premio’s chicken sausage contains no gluten, wheat or soy products.

Safe for Nut Allergies

When it comes to offering options for people with allergies or dietary restrictions, our chicken sausage is one of the best meat options out there. In addition to being free of fillers, preservatives, additives and gluten, our sausage contains no traces of peanuts or other nuts.

Variety and Options

Just because chicken sausage is healthier doesn’t mean it has to be without flavor! Make Italian chicken sausage with kale your next sausage choice for added fiber, nutrients and vitamins. There’s no better way to indulge in your daily helping of vegetables than by including them in your next savory meal.

If you desire a mouth-watering meat full of delicious herbs and spices, our chicken sausage with pesto will take your taste buds on a journey. Add a scrumptious mixture of pesto sauce into an already perfect and tenderized meat and you’ll find pure bliss and perfection.

Our Italian chicken sausage with cheese and garlic provides all of the components of a classic Italian dish jam-packed into one flavorful experience. The addition of our delicious cheeses and added hints of garlic makes for a mouth-watering experience you’re sure to love.

And don’t forget the classic, satisfying flavor of our favorites. Our sweet Italian chicken sausage and spicy Italian chicken sausage varieties offer all the flavor and cooking possibilities of pork sausage — with a healthier edge.

Recipes for Every Occasion and Flavor

One of the top perks of choosing chicken sausage for your next meal is knowing that endless possibilities lay before you. Whether you have a family of picky eaters or merely want to spice up your next dish by cooking a new concoction, you’ll be glad to know that chicken sausage can fit into a variety of pasta, dips, soups, salads and other meals.

Love Mexican food? Dig into a chicken sausage and shrimp taco bowl for all of the flavor and less of the fat. Hungry for some comfort food? A sausage and sweet potato roast is the perfect solution. From grilled chicken sausage skewers to chicken spinach and artichoke dip, chicken sausage offers you endless culinary options to enjoy.

Enjoy Premio Sweet and Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage on Every Occasion

Love the sound of Premio Italian chicken sausage? You’ll love the flavor even more.

For more recipe ideas, be sure to check out our selection of healthy chicken sausage recipes that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds the next time you eat lunch, a snack or supper. Download our coupons for additional savings or place your order online to receive the meats you deserve in your home in no time.

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