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7 Late-Night Snack Ideas

7 Late-Night Snack Ideas

When you get late-night cravings, you want a delicious, satisfying snack. Sure, you could try to fall back asleep with a rumbling stomach or go grab a handful of chips to quiet your hunger. But with a list of tasty recipes and the necessary ingredients in your kitchen, you can treat yourself to late-night snacks.

From cheesy comfort foods to fresh, filling options, the snacking possibilities are endless. Get ready to say goodbye to those midnight cravings with help from the recipes in this guide!

7 late night snack ideas

Best Late-Night Snacks

What are the best midnight snacks? It all depends on your cravings. But comfort food and savory ingredients are a great place to start. You’ll create a snack that satisfies your cravings, whether you need it to accompany a late-night movie viewing or a midnight trip to the kitchen.

Check out the midnight snack ideas below, and feel free to scale down the recipes to create quick, craveable treats.

1. Sausage and Pepperoni Pizzadillas

Two snacktime favorites combine in this sausage and pepperoni pizzadilla recipe. This handheld snack is sure to satisfy with Premio Hot and Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage and your pepperoni of choice. Combine cooked sausage, chopped pepperoni, shredded mozzarella and your favorite pizza sauce. Spread and sandwich those ingredients in a flour or corn tortilla — use an eight-inch variety to keep things snack-sized — and cook it in a skillet over medium heat. It should only take a few minutes for the tortilla to become golden brown and the cheese to melt.

If you want to get fancy with your midnight snack ideas, add extra seasonings like dried basil or oregano. You could also leave the sauce to the side of your pizzadillas and use it to dip this cheesy, meaty snack. No matter how you customize this recipe, it’s sure to cure your late-night cravings.

2. Sausage Avocado Toast

This trendy snack gets a unique twist with sausage avocado toast. Try a mashed avocado flavored with lime juice, salt, pepper and cilantro on top of multigrain or pumpernickel bread. If you aren’t a cilantro fan, swap the herb for parsley or omit the addition for a snack that’s still delicious, thanks to the addition of flavorful sausage. Cook and crumble your favorite Premio Sausage, like chorizo, for a kick of heat that complements this easy late-night snack.

To amp up the flavor and make the best midnight snacks, toast your bread, drizzle the slices with olive oil and rub on a garlic clove. Top with the avocado, sausage, crumbled queso fresco and salsa. The result will be so flavorful and delicious that you might make it again for breakfast the next morning!

3. Sausage Grilled Cheese

sausage grilled cheese

Craving comfort food? The best late-night snacks let you indulge in melty, gooey cheese. But why make a plain grilled cheese for your midnight cravings when you could create a Premio grilled cheese? Use split ciabatta rolls, Premio Sweet Italian Sausage, tomato and spinach for a unique take on grilled cheese.

Make this easy snack by layering cheddar cheese, a handful of spinach, sliced tomatoes and cooked, sliced sausage on one half of the ciabatta bread. Get that golden-brown crust by buttering the sides of your bread that touch the pan. To make this sandwich even more mouthwatering, put together a dip that combines mayo, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Now that’s a midnight snack!

If you don’t have extras like tomato or spinach or they’re not your favorite ingredients, you could always leave them out. A warm grilled cheese with Premio Sausage will still satisfy your late-night cravings.

4. Crescent Meatballs

If you have a bit more time to create a midnight snack, try this crescent meatball recipePremio Hot Italian Sausage, minced onion and jalapeño combine with ground fennel, black pepper and tomato sauce to make delicious meatballs. Brown them in a skillet, wrap them in crescent dough and bake until the meatballs have fully cooked and the crescent dough has puffed up and become golden brown.

If you prefer to keep things simple, Premio Hot Italian Sausage has enough flavor and heat to carry this snack on its own, so you can leave out everything but the crescent dough. Create a simple, mouthwatering snack, and dip your crescent meatballs in tomato sauce instead of mixing it in. You can also make the meatballs earlier in the day to enjoy as a meal, and use the leftovers to create an easy late-night snack.

5. Italian Nachos

Nachos are among the best late-night snacks, and they get even more delicious with an Italian twist. This Italian nachos recipe calls for frying wonton wrappers to create your nachos’ crunchy base. But for an easy midnight alternative, you can always use your favorite store-bought tortilla chips. Whatever you use, top it with cooked Premio Sweet Luganiga Sausage, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, pepperoncini and Italian seasonings. Bake it all until the cheesy is melty and gooey, then dip your midnight creation in marinara or pizza sauce.

Of course, you could easily add or remove ingredients to make the Italian sausage nachos you crave. You can also swap in the Premio Italian Sausage of your choice, whether you want something with a kick of heat or a touch of sweetness to complete your nachos.

6. Sausage-Loaded Tater Tot Skewers

For easy late-night snacks, opt for a recipe with a few ingredients, like these sausage-loaded tater tot skewers. As your tater tots are cooking, brown and crumble your Premio Sausage of choice, like our Hot Italian Sausage. Then all you have to do is skewer the tater tots, spread them on a lined baking sheet and sprinkle them with shredded cheddar cheese and the sausage before baking. Before you know it, you’ll have a fun and flavorful snack topped with mouthwateringly melted cheese.

Want your late-night snack fast? Skip skewering the tater tots and spread them on a baking sheet instead. Top with sausage and cheese, then bake as if they’re nachos for a flavorful midnight snack. You can even add nacho toppings like salsa and sour cream. Customize the snack no matter how you serve it and swap the cheddar cheese for your shredded cheese of choice, like mozzarella or a Mexican cheese blend.

7. Sausage Queso

sausage queso

Got a craving for chips as a midnight snack? Dip them in a delicious sausage queso! Browned and crumbled Premio Mild Italian Sausage creates a unique and flavorful addition to this recipe. Combine that with chive cream cheese, corn, diced tomatoes, green chiles, green onion and shredded cheddar cheese. Stir everything together over medium heat until the cheese is melted and bubbly, waiting to meet your favorite tortilla chips.

If you’re craving an even easier addition to your late-night snack ideas, skip a few steps with premade queso, stirring in cooked sausage for added flavor. You could also cut out the corn or green onion to make a simple sausage queso. No matter how you customize this recipe, it’s sure to satisfy your late-night cravings.

Cure Your Late-Night Cravings With Premio Foods

Want to make the best midnight snacks? Get Premio Sausage to create mouthwatering dishes that are sure to satisfy. You don’t even have to wait for the clock to strike midnight to try delicious Premio recipes! Whether you enjoy our range of sausages for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night snacks, you know you’re using quality ingredients. At Premio Foods, we make our products the way sausage should be — with no fillers or preservatives for fresh, authentic flavors.

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